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    my son has a peugeot 103z { at least i think thats what he said }. do the police have the right to take this off him when the engine was not working, and he was with a friend trying to sort it out? he is also being done for no insurance, is this allowed?

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    a few unanswered questions going on there

    if it has registration - license plate - is he (your son) legal the owner ?

    in most if not all cases --
    if we do not have the engine running
    the pooolice in no way should have any problems with said MB

    no insurance ?
    ok here is the question
    was you son riding that thing ?
    kind of sounds like it..

    you refer to the laws and me -- what state are you in ?

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    The cop was probably right, technically. If I understood your post right, then your son was on a moped that was not registered and not even running. He was trying to get it going?

    Even with a non-working engine, the cop is going to say "He was OPERATING an unregisterd, uninsured motor vehicle". That's not to say that he's right in any moral sense; he should have just told your son to get that thing off the road.

    But I'd contest the tickets on the grounds that he wasn't really operating it. Say, "I'm sorry. Wasn't trying to hurt anyone. And it won't happen again" and maybe they'll let him off easy.
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    It all depends on where because the laws are different in every state.

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