Let's make some engines - china factory relation

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    I found some videos - they are quite funny :)

    Motto is: Don't expect to much from HT engines :)


    Just take a look how they make those engines - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ICpQ1g1qAQ - I almost want to scream to them "Oi, put there better gaskets under cylinder".:-x They must love that work - noise, fumes, crappy parts - so who cares what we doing:-x

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqQcJUAx55Q - this one is much more interesting - look on those all extra fancy parts - they exist - but vendors rather eats hats than lose some profits and get more reliable and nice made engines and parts.

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    Oh here goes, lets bash the happy time again.

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    It wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't true BSA.
  4. You know what I see when I look at those video's?


    I see that holy cow how hard would it be to do this in your garage?


    That an engine so simple made in a large garage with workers in regular clothes no fancy machines can put out engines that when properly taken care of can exceed 5,000 miles before a rebuild.

    I see an entire rebuild done with ordinary hand tools no special tools in your garage costing you about 30 bucks in parts.

    Can you say this about a Chevy 350 engine?
    Yes,but how much is that dial indicator?

    Man. I wish I had money.

    I would fly over there and get me a case of those engines.

    And I'm not sharing man no way.

    I'm sorry naysayers but I happen to appreciate everyone that can take something so simple and make it into something wonderful.

    Something that needs your constant attention but when you go out there you are an instant hero.

    Something that gives you sheer joy.

    Something that turns you into an absolute genius to the eyes of your neighbors.
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  5. arceeguy

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    What I see are engines being assembled, and then test run before they are shipped.
    What I see are a bunch of hard working people trying to earn an honest living, not a bunch of unionized crybabies demanding air conditioning, mandatory break time, 18 holidays per year, etc.

    Also remember that this is the engine assembly. All of the casting, and machine work has been done at this point.
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    I found those videos quite interesting. They actually had people doing every step by hand, which is considered a testament to their commitment to quality in companies that have better marketing budgets. It might help explain how they can take such cheap base material and turn out such a remarkable product that generally seems to perform. If they start using quality parts, they will be able to give everyone else a run for their money and still keep the price down pretty good.

    One of those videos shows the ISO cert for Skyhawk which is no garauntee of quality but it does indicate a reasonable chance of conformity from one unit to the next. When I was in manufacturing the definition of quality was conformance to specifications and expectations. My little slant-head has given me everything I expected out of it so far and it ran properly right out of the box. Disregarding the construction material, I was surprised at the level of workmanship but I just thought I got lucky. I do not know what factory my motor came out of, but if it came out of the ISO certified Skyhawk factory the chances are that most engines out of that factory are similar to mine.
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  7. I liked the videos!!!....Did you notice as they were panning the camera the polished look on some of the engines....Also, the tuned pipe sitting in the corner I think for the so called "Super Rat" engine??....Seems like we only get the low end stuff.... We need our own people to go over there and get them to send us the good stuff!! Oh Yeah!

  8. astring

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    They were wearing jackets, I don't think they want AC. The work conditions seem ok.
  9. Happy Valley

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    Looks like Don Grube pimping his business to me.

    ISO certs can be had for a price. Great assembly line, a hammer and a pair of pliers. Nice touch on the engine testing with open pulleys and belts. I don't know about you but I miss the days when amputations were a common thing on the factory floor. Oh, and breathing engine exhaust indoors can't be a bad thing, can it?

    Yup, makes me nostalgic for the industrial revolution from a hundred years ago, sweatshops, no unions or pesky labor laws.
  10. Simon_A

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    I agree, that was what I thought when I watched the video's. The display tent one showed a lot that we dont see, but we want.
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    great vids
    thanks greguk
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    I liked the fully polished Skyhawk II gearbox. As for the assembly....when I rebuild engines, my work space isn't that clean. Does it look like a clean room at Ford? No, but you don't get anything from Ford for $200.
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    Thanks for the videos! Reminds me of the day, also reminds me of other factories in China that are just as modern as any in the USA. Now I doubt these factories are making HT/Chengines - but it can be done. Hard to say what the cost will be. Maybe a few bucks more, and a few bucks less in the pockets of the middle men. Don't need unions, or laws, or anything else to drive that. Need innovation and spark.....lost in some arenas.....

    What I want to get back to are the sub-supplier's factories. To me that is where it gets really interesting.
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