Messed up bike

Trail riding and mags do not really are meant for street riding as they will crack and break under very rough riding conditions like trail and off road riding.
That is why I stated that spoked rims are better for such endeavors. They have flex and give to absorb impact. If I were going to go for trail rides, then I would probably go the route Frizzle linked, a heavier duty hub, spokes, and rim like that Grubee.
I had a "Cranny" up until May 2000 when the frame cracked and broke...Also the stock rims are horrible especially the coaster brakes and wheel bearings too...They are Chinese junk...They do not stand up in my opinion...I went to a Hyper beach cruiser instead and also use mags, but I am just on road street riding...Much better welds, heavier made frame, much better comfort and ride then the "Cranny" ever thought of

Great suggestion. I never realized how affordable that bike is. Good foundation to build something off of and the price is right.
Took the Gru-bee Rims for their initial run last night. It was getting late... so it was a very local run... plus I'm trying to dial in the sprocket location exactly. I like where I am at but it's just a hair close to the chainstay for my liking...

It feels... sturdy. Very sturdy...