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Its been a while but Im back. Unfortunatlly I have to stay in the White Zone on my most recent project. My Whizzer you all helped me build has been running without a hitch and zero adjustments after all summer. Thanks guys!!!! If you would like to check out my next project go to the White Zone and look for thread titled Chopper in a box.


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Yup, 55 Willy's Wagon. The Whizzer was a blast to build, and ride:D. Your right the 2 names kinda fit together in a nautey way.
do you know how badly I have wanted a Willy's Wagon??!! but, brother, that is one project I just do not have the space or the time for. but I love how they look!!!

I think it's great that you have both vehicles. They're both classics!!!

i love it bro!....nice paint job with the gas tank and belt drive looks sweet!
have you taken it out? how does she run?
my 68cc does 27-30 w/ 44 tooth, how does the belt drive run?
Woodstock Whizzer built this motor, the owner Ralph Westman spacificly. This bike runs out at 60mph, (CLOCKED) no BS. Do a general search for Woodstock Whizzer and you can see his mods. Although I would highly recomend working with these guys on the sight to purchase your speed parts. They are helpful and they are family. Good prices and fallow up. For Whizzers that is.:D I dont know about the 2 cycle stuff.
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Ya, wearing a helmet. Didnt untill a saw a thread on MBC last spring. I hate em, but hate a busted up head or death more.