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    It appears that I have a HT motor. I say appears because there is nothing that says so. I figure once I get out on the road the locale cops (city & county) will be pulling me over. The thing is, I have no way of pointing to anything that shows the size of the motor.

    Is there a way I can get something that says its EPA compliant and the cc size? It might just come in handy!


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    Have you asked the vendor that supplied the engine kit?
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    It is on my trike. I bought it from a lady that won it in a raffle. She didn't know who made it. So that is a dead end.

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    in reality, does it REALLY matter?
    i mean, even if you had a sticker that said "50 c.c.'s" on the side of the engine, if the cop stopped you and saw it, do you think he would beleive it?
    anyone can slap a sticker on the side of the engine to make people think it's smaller than it really is. if a cop is going to go out of his way to stop you for the fact that you have a motor on your bike, then he is going to go out of his way to write you a ticket no matter what a sticker on the side of the engine says.
    if you get stopped and you are given a ticket due to suspscious engine size, the only real way to prove what size the engine is would be to pull it apart and measure the piston and cylinder.
    i highly doubt that it would go that far if you got pulled over.
    stupidity is the best other words, play dumb and act like you had no idea that it was against the law if they mention it. (is it really against the law?). 9 times out of 10, you'll probably be let go, or issued a warning. (my opinion).
    if you do in fact have a ht motor, chances are, it's an 80 c.c. (or 66 c.c. to be technical) as far as i know, there isn't a 2 stroke available for bikes that is bigger than 66 c.c's, unless it's some one off engine that someone built in a shop somewhere.
    i have a 50 c.c. 2 stroke, and an 80 c.c. 2 stroke (both are h.t. type engines). they both came with stickers on the side covers, and they both say the EXACT same thing other than the mfg. dates and serial #. same model #, same c.c.'s, etc.
    so my 50 c.c. sticker says that it's a 66 c.c., just like my 80 c.c. sticker says that it's a 66 c.c.
    both of these stickers got removed and stuck on my garage wall because i don't want them on my engines.
    i am so glad that i don't have to worry about getting pulled over, or hassled by the cops here. i have been stopped (not pulled over) twice by 2 different cops, and they stopped me just because they wanted to look at my bike because they thought it was cool. neither one of them said anything about it being illegal or anything like that.
    one of my good friends is a cop, and he told me that as long as i have a headlight, tail light, and i follow the rules of the road, i'm good. no need to worry about a license, insurance or getting tickets here.
    of corse, i just use my bikes for fun, not for riding all over creation with them.
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    The only legal acceptable PROOF is your bill of sale.......if bought used then his word notorized to be acceptable in court with your defense.