My Build

It looks like that fit together nicely. Have you run into the kids who thought you were cool on your electric yet? I bet they'll love that bike.
Not yet but I plan to do more riding of it. I hope to tame that vibration though. I think my fillings are loose.
A couple of things I learned about me and the build that might or might not come in handy for anyone else.

1. If it don't work assume the problem was me, not the bike.

2. Stay mentally flexible with my design

3. It's going to have more bugs than a cheap motel.

4. A fresh set of eyes can see problem I don't.

5. The sense of pride and accomplishment, for a man who can feel left out by forced retirement, is worth many times the money I saved by building it myself.

6. Small things made a huge difference in my build
a.The large, comfortable mtb seat switched out with the tiny bike seat of the schwinn's.
b. Replacing the clutch leaver with something more comfortable.
c. I know others that will come along if I remain flexible. One I already plan is replacing that throttle it feels like a toy to me for some reason.

7. Coaster brakes can stop the bike because the engaged motor at low rev
drags on he bike. Even when the clutch is engaged there is drag. If the chain breaks use the kill switch and leave the clutch out. The engine will stop the bike as fast as any break.

8. With the 24" wheels the bike is only minimally faster than my electric bike but it climbs hills much much better and the range will be unlimited.

9. The largest thing I learned was to ask for help, even when it seems to be a pain in the butt to everyone. An old girl friend said to me once, right after I returned from asia and was terribly skeptical of everyone, She said, "People will generally be as nice to you as you let them be."

I have seen that on this forum and I thank you for it.
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Who would have thought a happy engine would fit in a women's bike so well, actually that is what is wrong with my Schwinn, the forward bar is too far away, that double bar is the answer. Good looking job. Have fun, Dave
speaking of chains

Does anyone know if a #25 chain will fit around the rear kit sprocket.