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this kit is crawling its way to me. Did i get had and how bad. They say it is 80cc but I know that is B.S. I think the clutch handle is the old style but I don't know since I never saw either.

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Looks just like my kit. I paid $245 with shipping, before I found I could have bought it cheaper. You've got the old clutch handle for sure. I just cast mine in a box and replaced it with an old v-brake lever. Silver tank and nine-hole sprocket is good. I've never used my chain guard, or felt the need to. Looks like your kill switch wire is long enough to reach the engine. Mine was not.
I thought so on the clutch lever. I paid 146 including the shipping. I'm not to sure about the installation im sure I have a ton of reading to do but thanks for the info. I hope i get it to work the ebike is driving me nuts. Its time I had something else to drive me nuts.
The kit looks good,especially for the price.
You have the option of doing the "white wire electrical system"
The only minor detail now is to do the install...........hasten slowly man. :)

That is the one think I have gleaned from the threads... go slow and carry a big chill pill..
where did you get it that cheap i see these engines everywhere and someday id like to get one just to try it out
It came from ebay. I decided that I would pay no more than $151.00 so I bid that on everyone that came up till I won one. It was from someone called boygofast . his feedback was good so i gave it a shot
It hasnt come yet but he is a regular there so im not worried.
a basic lightweight 65, nothing wrong with that at the price. not much negative about BGF here, except my own universal beef about honest engine sizing.

personalize your kit now...get any upgrades you want prior to the build. you're hip to the clutch-lever, but i notice the pic shows the plain-jane idler/tensioner, so either make a better one (some great ideas here about that) or grab a bearing'd one somewhere. and, just in case, i'm taking an educated guess that those cables will only be barely long enough for the most average size frame and handlebars.

EDIT for reference: this topic, so far, is another fine example of "kit" components being every bit as important as the engine itself when making the final choice. just do the above math so far then go looking around with the new total-cost as your "cap"...see how the equation changes and different combos of engine/kit become available?

and since i'm here, i might as well say it:

read read read the heck outta the frame-mount and general discussion areas, and get all over the parts and accessories forum, too. i can't keep up with everything going on, so maybe i missed your bicycle info? sorry if so. is it ready?

please keep us posted on how it's the thread grows and the build progresses, you may need to do some editing or whatever. just PM me with the details and we'll rock it out :)

have fun :cool:

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You know everyone complains about that clutch handle, I have the push button one also and I hate it. I like that one, it is not the best looking but it works the best in my opinion. I like the way you just pull it in and then use the brakes, no fuss no muss. And it doesn't take up much room and push the brake handle away from the grip. Just my opinion. Have fun Dave