Need Bike Trailer/Child Carrier.

I need to buy a bike trailer, as i'm going on a week-long ride/camping trip early next month.:) First REAL vacation i've had in 6YEARS!:censored: :rolleyes:
It doesn't have to be pretty, just fully functional. Example: the canvas can be a little torn or whatever, but the wheels must turn, and the bike coupler must be included.
Any brand.
Will pay up to $60, shipping included. They're lightweight, so Postal rates won't be much.
PM me, please, with responses.
thanks! :)

To clarify: i need a pull-behind-the-bike trailer, NOT a trailer to haul bikes on. Like the picture below


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I payed 25 dolla for mine on Craigslist!

Check it daily. It's amazing what pops up.
Yea the lady wanted to go to Bingo that night and the son grew too big for it.
I really didn't think she knew the actual worth.
It's sad you live so far away.
I would totally loan it to ya.
screw it. "wally world" has a brand new one for $77. if a moddy would delete this thread, please, as it is no longer needed.