Need Bike Trailer/Child Carrier.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by spunout, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I need to buy a bike trailer, as i'm going on a week-long ride/camping trip early next month.:) First REAL vacation i've had in 6YEARS!:-x :rolleyes:
    It doesn't have to be pretty, just fully functional. Example: the canvas can be a little torn or whatever, but the wheels must turn, and the bike coupler must be included.
    Any brand.
    Will pay up to $60, shipping included. They're lightweight, so Postal rates won't be much.
    PM me, please, with responses.
    thanks! :)

    To clarify: i need a pull-behind-the-bike trailer, NOT a trailer to haul bikes on. Like the picture below

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  2. I payed 25 dolla for mine on Craigslist!

    Check it daily. It's amazing what pops up.
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    lucky you :p. i've been scanning that list for months, and there's been nothing in my price range yet. saw a couple, but were brand-new and too much money
  4. Yea the lady wanted to go to Bingo that night and the son grew too big for it.
    I really didn't think she knew the actual worth.
    It's sad you live so far away.
    I would totally loan it to ya.
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    screw it. "wally world" has a brand new one for $77. if a moddy would delete this thread, please, as it is no longer needed.