need help with huasheng engine problem engaging

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by postysteve, Nov 2, 2009.

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    I'm having a problem with the auto/clutch engaging while ticking over it keeps tryin to engage i try to keep tick over as low as poss but if i go to low it dies

    i've had this engine about 18 months and is still a good engine to say i give it sum stick pulling my little trailer.

    i've not used it for a few weeks and now it's playin up it ticks over ok but the clutch keeps juddering by that i mean tryin to engage while waiting at trafic lights and ands up cutting out just as the lights change to green it's so embarrasing.

    any ideas why guy's ??

  2. Lower the idle speed, or raise the clutch engagment speed with slightly stronger clutch springs.
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    as i said idle speed is as low as i can get it, so as you suggested i'll have a look at springs as they must have worn as it's about 2 yrs old now so , Thanks
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    Clutch bushing needs lube
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    Well i've opened up the clutch housing and i think i've found the problem the clutch plate is badly worn and the pins too which has caused to badly wear one of the clutch plates too so looks like i'll be needing a new clutch assy ?

    see attached pics

    anybody any idea where i can get these parts from ?

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    i dont think this is the same clutch assy as mine ? but i have sent bicylce-engines an email with a pic of mine to compare with the one on there web site but i think the one they are showing is for a skyhawk box. thanks.

    I have attached a side view pic of my g/box. + a pic of my C/clutch & a pic of bicycles C/clutch. Please note the difference

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  8. Clutch for Hoot box

    Hi we have a supply of those gearboxes, contact me if you like.

  9. postysteve

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    RE : Clutch for Hoot box

    Hi Mike, i dont need the whole g/box just the clutch assy can you just supply that ?

    please send me your email addy by private message with cost + p & p cost to UK and i will be in touch.

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    There will be a little drag when idling at a stop. That's not a problem. Mine does it too. If it does not cause the bike to take off or kill the engine, it's fine.
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    RE : There will be a little drag when idling at a stop ??

    Hi Hough, i don't no where u are coming from here ? have u not seen the pics of the damage to the clutch plate and the pins holding the shoes? now it has got to the stage where i can not ride my bike because it wants to take off even with no revs and will not idle at a stop light cos i'm holding it back on the brakes so it just dies cos it's trying to engage the clutch simply because of the badly worn clutch plate witch is allowing the clutch shoes to engage with the bell housing ? if they was not so badly worn then it would make sense that it would be holding the shoes back and i would not be having this problem ?
  12. Quenton Guenther

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    You have the "HOOT" box, and like Mike suggested you just need to replace the parts.

    He has all the parts you need in stock, and more if anyone else needs any parts for the early Hoot boxes.

    Have fun,
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    RE : yes maybe he has parts BUT....

    He has not replied to my post or email :confused: maybe he want's to keep um all to him self :jester:
  14. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi postysteve,

    Email me at
    or PM me
    and I will make sure
    you have access to all the parts you desire for your drive system

    Have fun,
  15. Hoot parts

    Hi postysteve, I've been up to my ears in production, I pm'd you.

  16. Markrbreadman

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    Clutch for below mentioned

    Can you quote me a Price on a clutch for this Gearbox?
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    re huff engine

    i gave up on this engine a long time ago it's just stuck in a box in my garage! i been using a 80cc two stroke for over a year now wi no probs at all