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    Hello all. I recently got a Kent Devastator and have a 49cc two stroke engine on order. It will be my first go at this. Found some great tips from the newbie builder articles.
    Going to take some time on this and do this best with what I have since I did budget myself for for a first build. I plan on building a better one next year after some trial and error on this cheapo build.
    Will post post some pics when done and might have a few questions along the way.

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Nothing wrong with a cheapo motorbike as long as its safe.
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    I am a Louisville, KY resident who often rides in Southern Indiana. Be advised that IN has recently changed moped/scooter laws (thanks to the work from the privileged ABATE group). Just about any kind of motorbike requires tags now, and they are not expensive. Keep records of all your purchases, log any and all serial numbers so that you can get a Motor Driven Cycle B tag.

    For the record, no LEO has ever pulled me over in either KY or IN but I think I am protected because 1) my bike is very cool, 2) I ride very confidently and intelligently, following the rules of the road, and 3) I am a middle aged white male.

    Good luck and get your roll on!