New Member - Hi! And I can haz review ouf thoughts... plz?

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    Hey -
    Been lurking for a while.
    I have been considering a motored bicycle, specifically the Staton with NuVinci hub. I have a long-ish hilly commute on paved roads, and otherwise I work in the outdoors... so what to do!

    :idea: One heartening thing was the recent claim on Staton's web-site:

    "You can now remove the engine without splitting the gear box or removing the kit off the bike."

    At least it said that on it's highest end description! :eek: So to my way of thinking, perhaps I could also enjoy the bike as-is without the engine, or have a cruiser at home for groceries that ran on the same engine (but, say, no NuVinci.)

    Essentially my home is in the flats, but my work is waaaay up a mountain :D road. It's about 45 miles and much of it is paved switchbacks. So two bikes (one a cruiser and one a performance mountain style bike) and one engine makes sense. But to emphasize, first-off I am hoping to build a dual-use vehicle - for commuting and for mountainbiking through the field where I work extensively. I may even be able to get funds to do this, so I am very motivated.

    One other question is regarding frames: I will build heavy tires, 4x brakes, etc, but would the Montague MX "folder" frame work? I love this bike and it would be my first choice. I also like how many kits come a bit further forward on the back wheels, when installed on this style of frame. I'm thinking of the weight distribution.

    I'm really hoping to confirm my hopes that this will be a good system, as I hope to just build a great bike, not half-*** it at first. :helmet:

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    Welcome to the forum. A member motorized his folding Hummer MTB with a rack mount motor and was very happy with it.