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    hi my name is matt i'm new to this site but not new to motorized bikes. i have had two of them. my first bike was completely custom i mounted a pocketbike engine in a bike frame but i had to heavily modify the frame cuting it apart and re welding it in different angles and adding supports and stuff. the bike was a failure it ran fine and everything worked awesome except the gearing was wrong and it burnt out the clutches like nothing.i kept modifying it to make it work until my friend showed me his bike which was one of those chinese bikes and it was way better that mine and faster so i threw mine in the garbage and bought one of the chinese kits and installed it on some old bike i found and now i have been modifying it to try and make it go faster i pass cars so it does atleast 60k but thats with the big sprocket on the back. if i put the smaller sprocket on the back it could easily do 70 or 75 maybe more i dont really know and it would be too scary to try.

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    Hi and welcome to Motoredbikes!