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    I would have liked to get right into it by discussing my dilemmas in the appropriate forums but i guess i shall start here. I am a college student currently studying Radiation Health Physics. I am originally from So Cal but i am up here in the Northwest for school. I am a newbie to using motor bikes and have been wanting to build one for quite some time. I am not new to some fabrication and working anything mechanical so its a plus when building your own custom motored bike from scratch. As of right now my current power plant is going to go onto a smaller kids frame, just for kicks, to ride around campus but once that gets old I am going to put it on a regular sized bike.

    Well I have been looking here for quite some time getting ideas for my project and not i am finally stumped. I have a 25cc craftsman weed wacker engine (no clutch) and I am trying to figure out how to adapt a friction drive to it, the only way to connect to the drive shaft is the square insert. I was wondering if there was anyone who could put in their two cents for ideas on how to adapt a friction drive to that without welding the drive directly onto the drive shaft (so i can change pegs, polyurethane wheels, wood wheels, etc...)?

    I know people have had this problem so i was wondering on getting some tips on home to adapt the wacker to be a friction drive and what others have done

    (Other than welding, have thought of using the cable from the drive part of the wacker, tapping the square insert so that i can put a screw right into the drive???)

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    I am not just right up on -- regarding your question asked
    but -- many knowledgeable one's on site
    thinking that someone here will be with you soon
    should not be long before you are

    riding that motored THING