Newbie here & trying to decide!!!

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  1. compsol

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    Hi All.

    My name is Donald Roark, I live in Tennessee and am now retired.

    I plan on ordering an electric powered bike this coming Monday.

    I have checked out as many electric bicycles as I could find listed in web sites on the internet ... and the one that I think I really want is the "Urban Cruiser" model from Spooky Tooth for $800. Specs on this "Urban Cruiser" and other models can be checked out at

    As stated above, I am retired, live in a fairly small town, and I want this bike for not only running errands and for biking over to a fairly large city 20 miles away ... but I also want to enjoy a bike ride 10 to 20 miles out into the country side just for viewing the countryside.

    However, I may also want to use it for exercise ... by riding this bicycle around our neighborhood.

    So, I need your input on whether this bike sounds like a reasonable choice for what I'm planning.

    Thanks for your help,
    Donald Roark

  2. Dub

    Dub Guest

    Sorry, dont know much about the electrics. I ride a GEBE. How's it working out for you?

  3. Esteban

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    I am guessing that you want to order that bike with an extra battery pack ?? 20 miles, one way, is pushing it on most electrics, unless you are pedalling a lot.
  4. compsol

    compsol New Member

    Thanks for the replies Dub, imperfectionst and Esteban. I did order the "Urban Cruiser" as I mentioned but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm getting more and more excited about receiving it, day by day.

    The search for an electric bike, that was affordable, took me to several web sites. I read a lot about the electrics along with the gas powered but still am not any kind of expert. So the future holds some exciting learning experiences ahead.

    Yes, I ordered the extra battery pack.

    Keep on a-biking mates and many happy roads ahead for all of us.
  5. NunyaBidness

    NunyaBidness Member

    hey Donald welcome to the forums
    I know what you mean about waiting on your order
    I just got confirmation of payment received so my motor should be here sometime next week
    I hope you have good luck with your setup
  6. compsol

    compsol New Member

    Hi Nunya ... Thanks for the welcome and, yeah, methinks the excitement or anticipation is gonna get unbearable.

    Wow! Your order is arriving a lot faster than mine. The last word that I had from my supplier said my new bike would not be here for 3 to 4 weeks. I can't get anything out of them as to the "why" it should take so long.

    Yes! I hope you have good luck with your new bike and all too.

    Thanks again