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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rkbonds, Jan 1, 2009.

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    One of the guys I go to church with asked me last night if I had ever seen one of those bicycle engine kits :thinking: :rolleyes7: lol and that started this big disscusion about it at our Church New Year's Eve event. I told him yes and my neighbor chimed in and said that I had built 2 differnt ones. He said that he had had one when he lived in Virginia and that he had burnt the clutch up on it and just chuncked the whole thing :eek: but, that he had enjoyed it. Then he asked me if he were to buy 2 80cc kits would I be willing to put it on and get it adjusted for him in exchange for a riding partner and the other kit? :eek: :eek: hummmmm..................... let me think about it. YES! I told him I would do it without the other kit and he said he wanted me to be able to keep up so he didn't mind giving me a bigger kit. He did say he wanted to wait until spring but, I'm cool with that. I feel blessed because I've been wanting the one of the kits but, couldn't fit it in my budget and now the Lord is blessing me in a situtation where I can get one.

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    And HOW cool is that? Nice. Great community!
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    Matthew 6:8

    The Lord takes such good care of us! I hope and pray you guys have a great, safe time ridin' down the roads. :2thumbsup:
    God bless ......
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    I wish I had a MB riding group. That will be sweet.
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    that's very cool

    I enjoy hearing about good THINGS happening at Church

    you guys have fun as you build and ride those MB THINGS