peanut gas tank leaking.

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    I need advise on best way to stop the leaking around mounts. Is there a product you can use to mount tank without using the built on way?

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  3. Frankenstein

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    Yes and no but yes.

    I ended up cutting the bolts off, I removed paint and scuffed it up around the bolt areas, and put a product called seal-all over the bolt and surrounding areas.

    Removed more paint in patches under the tank, and used contact cement to glue the tank to angle aluminum. Then added contact cement around and overlapping the edges of the aluminum, let it cure, then coated those dried patches of contact cement with more seal-all to protect it from spills or whatever from getting to the contact cement bonds.

    The angle aluminum can be fashioned to the frame in a thousand different ways, including contact cementing large good quality (not harbor freight brand, trust me on this instance) hose clamps into place using the aluminum as a supportive structure.

    Currently I'm using hose clamps with the clamps zip tied to the aluminum via 4 small holes on each side where the clamps meet the aluminum.

    This makes a virtually vibration proof mounting system. It looks clean if done right, and in a worse case scenario you'll need to reglue the plates, but my design held up almost a year now without being capable of forming leaks at the bolt holes and not leaking or falling off the clamps or angle aluminum on a person who rides the sh*t out of their bike, in the last 6 months they went through 4 motors, but the tank is as solid as it will ever be.

    See picture for easier understanding Note090416_1.jpg
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    I like to silicone the tank on from the start so the bolts are there for looks ...a good pull and a wiggle the tank starts to rip off .
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    Thank you both for your advice, and I will post later today with an update on my progress.
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    Not a bad idea, maybe I could try that too, I just don't trust leaving the bolts, but I do know that the angle aluminum can have additional panels glued other riveted on, they could be decorative or can even serve to hide electronics if you are worried about looks
  7. KCvale

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    Get some JB weld that is gas resident to stop the leaks.
    Just put it around all the bolt holes and let it dry a day.

    I use the kits grips cut up for shims to support the tank above the curve in the frame.
    I don't need them, I put BMX foam on for grips for 0 vibration to the hands.
  8. Frankenstein

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    Nice idea with the grips kc, but I will mention I tried jb weld, the standard type, it cracked at the joint and eventually just started leaking again, then actuality became flexible as the gas and oil kept on it
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    Thanks for the advice, I have tried the jb weld and it started leaking. This time I took Frankenstein advice and it is working great. Thanks to all.