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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by echotraveler, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. echotraveler

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    the hardware that came with the kit has throtle, kill switch and a break lever (all in one)...the kit also brought another break lever.

    question: what go's on the throtle side, my hand brake or clutch?

    right now im thinking the throtle and clutch HAVE to be separated. The lever on the throtle is pretty cheap with no spring or nothing and im not really wanting to put my hand break on a crappy lever.....

    there is another lever that seems really nice, but im not sure whats it used for....maybe since normal bikes have 2 hand breaks...i
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  2. fetor56

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    You can have any combination of anything that suits u,but generally most ppl have their throttle & front brake lever together on one side & clutch lever on the opposite side(together with rear brake lever,if applicable).........NOTHING is written in stone.
  3. echotraveler

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    guess ill eventually change that crappy throtle for something nicer....
  4. Mountainman

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    clutch always on left

    ride that thing sideways
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Nah. It really is whatever works best for you. I have everything on the right side, which will incluse a dual pull brake lever wgich ought to be here soon from SBP. Throttle I'm adapting from a 7 speed click shift hand grip intended for a derailleur (will give me the equivalent of the old tractor throttle set levers) with a three speed click shift thumb lever for my mid-drive. I'm gonna drill the housing of that for a push button kill switch I can hit with my thumb.

    Only thing going on the left side bar is a 360 degree swivelable ring I can hang my hook in to control direction. Eventually I intend to replace the bars with an offset steering wheel mount, and the brakes with electrically activated dual discs, using the switches on the wheel to control various things.

    That's all for convenience sake - two working fingers and a thumb is kinda limiting. If I could figure out an autodisconnect mechanical linkage for the control cable on my hook, I use it for my clutch. As it is, I'll use a thumb lever.
  6. biken stins

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    By having the throttle on left side it makes it easier to shoot while riding. Unless you shoot left handed.
  7. echotraveler

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    lol im lefty i can shoot real good right now

    simplesimon, thats a very interesting proyect! electric brakes!? nice and complicated