Radial Friction Drive?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by evil_genius, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. evil_genius

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    Tell me, who wouldn't want to bolt one of these on the back of a bicycle? Has anyone out there even tried this? I know these engines are for RC airplanes, but I'd like to find out if they have more EVIL applications...such as on the back of my bicycle! I've seen these engines go into the 200cc+ displacement, and I'm wondering what it would take to get a bike to get up and move.

    There's some damn cool stuff on here.


    EVOE777_a0.jpg SAIEG84R3D_a3.jpg shut-up-and-take-my-money.jpg

  2. grinningremlin

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    I wouldn't be surprised if there was one somewhere, maybe a youtube search.I would think they'd be prohibitively expensive to buy/run/maintain for MAB uses.Flying bike sounds cool.
  3. evil_genius

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    That's the thing. Some of the engines have come down in price and are designed to run on gasoline instead of expensive glow fuel. I dont need the bike to fly.....or do I???? >:)
  4. HeadSmess

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    the only viable option is the saito 3 cylinder, made for gas.

    unfortunately, its only a gas modified... that meaning it still needs 20:1 oil mix! thats 5%, pretty thick by our brushcutter standards...

    so, by that factor alone...id re consider. the 1700 price tag is scary personally.

    the small 1/4x28 plugs, ngk em8, are usually about $8 each.

    so, going methanol is no real big issue... you can buy drums of methanol in bulk for less than petrol... and bulk it has to be, you need four times as much! dont need nitro! just lets you stuff even more fuel in the cylinder for a bigger bang, more grunt. not necessary. oil...yes. castor smells nice but will give you the squirts :jester:

    you also make more power with the alcohol versus petrol. 4 times the fuel, half the energy per unit of fuel= twice the energy...

    seven cylinders would be cool...

    one of the zenoah twins, other than being two bangers...
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    wheres the clutch...