Schwinn Cutter

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by layboomo, May 27, 2009.

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    Has anyone motorized a Schwinn Cutter? It's a SS with 700 x28c wheels but it's fairly stout.

    Edit: Any reason not to?
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    Well I played around with the Cutter last night and there are a few issues with the frame geometry and rear wheel spacing that require more fabrication than I want to do witha HT kit to be quite honest. I'm going with a CL specialized fixer upper instead. The rear wheel spacing on the Cutter is only 110mm which makes things very tight and I didn't like the chain line when I mocked it up. Also the angle of the motor on the frame just doesn't want to work and clear the water bottle mounts. I came up with a nice front mount solution that used the Water bottle mounts but it would have meant blocking the rear mount to fit and then there was an issue with the muffler clearance! More than I wanted to deal with just to mount the motor and have the exhaust clear everything.