Smokey old Fart smell

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by robin bird, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. robin bird

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    Do any of you 2 smokers have their partners complain about your smell after a ride?
    I may have to go 4 cycle if it keeps up LOL cus perfume only makes it worse--yes i have the smokeless oil and my ratio is right !
    Posibly if i smoke a cigar it will help-going to have to try!

  2. Dilly Bar Rob

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    Actually, yes :rolleye2s:

    When I finished my second bike I talked my wife into going on a short ride with me. Before we took off she asked "honey, will I smell like you always do when we get back?" . "Yup, you sure will" I replied :grin5: And she did!!! Nothing like a hot wife that smells of 2 stroke :jester:

    Aside from that she's never really complained though. I work at a wrecking yard so I usually get home pretty dirty and soaked with oil, atf and other good stuff. Anything usually smells better then me :ack2:

    For a different smell maybe throw some castor oil in your blend?

    Or try to re-route your exhaust as far behind you as you can.
  3. Turtle Tedd

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    Stop using deodorant (its no good for you anyway)...and when you take a shower..don't wash them armpits..they will start to smell like onions..mixed with the two stroke smell they merge into the fine smells of an old fashion greasy deli and sub we used to have in New York and Jersey in the late 60s
  4. andynogo

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    Jeez, there are some seriously screwed up people here!

    Oh hold on, I ride one of these darn things and come home smelling of eau de gear too :dunce:

    I guess the smell fits in well with the demented look on my face as I ride....:taz:
  5. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    A great bunch of very knowledgeable folks here willing to help....Welcome
  6. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    I love that gresy onion smell when riding in the 90degree + climate down here in Florida
  7. sphynx.0029

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    well i like the idea of re-porting the exhaust. i did it on my chopper with nothing more than a 45 degree copper fitting i think it was 3/8 or maybe a 1/4 but i used it on the tailpipe to redirect teh exhaust not for the smell but to keep the oil spray off teh back rim so that the brakes are more effecient
  8. spad4me

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    Extent your exhaust pipe beyond your personal space.
    I use old handlebars welded to the header to extend the pipe to the rear axle there I install a small lawn mower muffler.
    Even on a tuned pipe.

    I use Castor it is a laxative LOL.
    I can stun a passerby with castor induced diarrhea, as I pass them at twenty plus mph..
  9. EnFlaMEd

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    You can buy strawberry etc scented 2 stroke oil.