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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by try1897, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    My bike runs a Dac's 65 that is a little slower and has a little less power up hills than the 80 that I got from Kings but I've slowed a bit in the last 2 years and at 57 years old slower is better when you find yourself going over the bars at speed. This is the second such flight Ive taken. The first was last summer the second last week. Both where thre result of a car pulling out in front of me and me headin across the road and thru the ditch where the bike and I parted ways. It's not the sailing thru the air that I mind it's the landings. I haven't gotten the landings down yet. As a friend once said trying to look like you ment to do it is the hard part. Well this time I pulled up hard on the bars and got the front wheel up enough to clear the ditch but the rear wheel hit the ditch and broke 8 HD spokes and bent the Worksman HD steel rim snaped the bike chain and sent me high HIGH into the air. Maybe bull riding might be a way of staying in shape in the bike riding off season. So anyway off to the Pedal Peddler to look for a replacement wheel. He says he got none. Well he does have one wheel but I gotta buy the bike too. It's a single speed wheel but with regular spokes and a dryroted tire but for 20 bucks I have to take the bike too. I tell him I'll drop by for a look . He says the bike's kinda old and has alot of paint on it. I tried today to find a wheel but was comming up blank and finally went to have a look at the old painted bike and it turned out to be a Columbia maybe pre WW2 bike that does have 6 coats of paint . Well for 20 dollars I'm now the proud owner of an old bike that looks like it has alot of miles still in it (if I can stay out of the ditches) I'm going to strip it down and paint it my colors and hope to be on the road again soon. I found that working on my bike is tough with my back the way it feels from that landing..... Gotta work on those landings..........Tom in W.V.

  2. try1897

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    I just wanted to add that today I striped all 6 layers of paint off the old bike and found the numbers on the frame.Acording to the data filesOld Roads . com the bike is a 20 inch sting ray type bike.... Well thats not even close.... Anyone know how to date a Columbia bike????? Later
  3. dwsutton

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    no clue on the old bike but hopefully SOMETHING good will come of your "sailing" glad you are OK !
  4. try1897

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    Yeah well the new old bike was striped to the bare metal and sprayed with fill and sand type primer . The new color?????? I don't know . I'd like to keep the other bike and make this bike too but the other is a chrome China (cheep) frame that I got for 50 bucks and I'm worried that the welds will come apart at some point and cause an even more spectacular flight this time over the asphault. Also it's a couple years old and rusts in places that you can't get to to clean. Ah it looked good for a month or two........Tom