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    I was just on the phone with Dave Staton and he couldn't give a definite timeline to when the hybrids will be ready for sale but he figured around 3 months he will start selling them.

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    What are the staton hybrids? New gearbox design?
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    You said it, brother.
  5. loquin

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    I was talking to David earlier in the week.

    Apparently, the motor shown is actually an 8 horsepower motor! (It's being used with rickshaw type systems, pushing a fairly heavy load.) He said that he's also spec'ing up smaller motors/controllers for purely bike applications, down in the 600-800 watt range.
  6. waylow

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    with a setup like in his pic of the hybrid, it seems like with a simple controller, the electric motor could be charging the batteries whenever the electric motor is not being used to push a load, and the gas engine is running.
  7. loquin

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    Correct. However, the motor (generator) only spins when the bike is moving, as the gas engine feeds the transmission through the centrifugal clutch.
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    right, because the engine has a centrifugal clutch.
    if it works, it seems neat... kinda of moot, but neat. I guess some just want to be able to be silent for a while before cranking up the beast
  9. loquin

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    You could certainly start the engine & just let it idle, using the electric drive until you're out of the neighborhood...