Strange part/tool



I got a tool / part with my kit that I don't know about. Its a black bolt 1-5/8" long by 1/2 inch and comes with a 3/4 and 1" fine thread adaptor. What the heck it that thing for???? My bike has been running all summer so it doesn't appear to be vital to the function of the engine. Does anybody know? Thanks Tom in W.V.
strange p/tool

Thats possible . As for me I didn't even know the clutch was adjustable. Other than the cable and such. I did think about buying a set of replacement pads I've seen on Kings site (just in case). Well thanks for the info.... Tom in W.V.
mystery part

I use it to plug the hole where the spark plug goes when I stor the bike so the plug will not freez in the socket
Sprocket puller

It is my understanding that it is used to remove the 10 tooth sprocket from the output shaft........ As this sprocket has an internal thread the same size as this tool...... But I may be wrong????

Regards Al
strange tool

that might be the ticket. i'll check into it more. I was wondering about changing the drive sprocket as opposed to the rear sprocket to change ratios. I understand its a 4 to 1 ratio. that is one tooth on the front = 4 on the rear. does that sound right? well I guess I don't understand as well as I thought. anyway I'm shooting for a little more top end,not much mind you ,but a little. i don't want to (lugg) the engine too much or end up frying the clutch. well Its back to the shop for some more tinkering and another test run...... Thanks Tom in W.V.
output ratio

Myoutput ratio is 4.4:1 as I have a 44 tooth sprocket on the rear and am using a 26" wheel......I have changed my carby and done some jet tuning as I found the original carby rich and not able to supply a constant air/fuel ratio of the entire range..... Now flat running I can cruse at 50 K/hr or 31 MPH not bad for a 48cc unit.....
Regards Al
Your 48cc

Al , thats great for a 48cc. i've got an 80 or 70 or whatever it really truly is I'm not sure but it will go 30 -35 maybe on flat ground with alot of vibrations. I don't normally push it quite that hard but there are times. What can I do to inprove my carb? I will polish the inside of the intake manifold tube but I'm not sure how much that will help. Please let me know what you would do and try not to get too technical and I should be able to follow. Thanks Tom in W.V.
edward is right but they suck if you do it wrong you will never get the gears off, because the threading in the smallest gear in the clutch strips realy easy, if you use it wrong you will never get the gears out.