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Hello, if you haven't heard yet, I'm making Heavy Duty Wheels that incorporate #10 guage Motorcycle Spokes, and Often a superior Lace Pattern (when possible).
The Wheels come with a Lifetime Gaurantee ! If for any reason the Wheel ever breaks or becomes out of true I will repair it free of charge, you simply pay shipping, here's how it works,
Procedure #1, you send me your wheel (or individual Hub and Rim you want to use), I build it up with #10 Guage or in Extreme Cases #9 guage motorcycle spokes, Yes, The rim and Hub need drilling, but I've eliminated all problems concerning this action !
I then take a picture of your wheel and send it to you via E-mail, you then send me a money order for $190 (Shipping IS Extra), when I recieve payment I ship you a Super Wheel that will knock your socks off !

Procedure#2, You send me your wheel (or desired Hub and Rim) Along with a Money order for $190 PLus shipping, and I then build your wheel with the afore mentioned Specs and ship it back to you, Procedure #2 is obvioulsey the fastest turnaround time .
Here's my Information
The Wheelmaster, 37637 39th Ave South, Auburn,WA, 98001
(253) 927-0271 "Talk to Morrie" or leave a message with your info !
Personal Message me as well if you like, all inqueries are answered quickly..
THANK YOU MBC AND ALL IT'S PEOPLE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! :D
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I only sell High tensil strength nickel cadmium plated steel spokes in #9 or #10 guage and no stainless in any guage, I'm not yet selling spoke kits that you can assemble yourself but in the future ya never know. :)
Do they not make stainless spokes in such large sizes?? I'm sure the spokes are just as strong, correct?

Problem is, any heavy gauge stainless spoke you get will be too short because it's made for a motorcycle wheel, largest common diameter is 21 inches, 12 gauge maybe will be long enough, but I don't deal with anything under #10.
Yes, Stainless is really good metal, very tough, IMO it work hardens over a long period of time in a way that my spokes don't , but I still endorse stainless because it's WAY tougher and better than the stuff your dealing with anywhere else, I still don't use it unless the customer provides it or I order it for him or her..... :D

I have not found a Hub yet that I can't superwheel, "Knock on Wood".... it certainly doesn't mean the one doesn't exist, send me some pics and I'll be able to tell easily, Jim.....:)