Surf Trip!

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  1. Hawaii_Ed

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    Ok, so no motored bikes in this thread, but it shows what me and 5-7 Heaven are up to! He was generous enough to offer to teach my son to surf, so we had a great time at the beach today! I promise some beach-bike pics soon!

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  2. azbill

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    looks like your son was having a blast :cool2:
  3. possenti

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    Absolutely beautiful water. The ocean is one of the few things in nature that simply takes my breath away. I wish I lived closer to one...
  4. will_start

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    I love surfing too...especially in summer...:tt1:
    and cruising around the beachs with a MB is a delight.

    It allows you to travel as far as you like to find the best wave around.
    Without the worry of using excess petrol in the car.

    Below links and attached are a couple of pics of my surf-board carrier.
    In this case it has a body-board in it, but you could easily get on of
    those malibu's you have their inside it.

    Also my new extra equipment carrier, in the links.

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  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    Very common to see a long board on a beach cruiser here :)

    Nice pics of your ride! Our goal is a loop around the Island sometime this summer. I need to get a helmet cam or something :)
  6. will_start

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    Sorry, couldn't help myself here...

    I think you need a water-proof camera, take it down the beach
    and get us some more bikini related content,
    you certainly have a thing going, with that red bikini there :jester:
  7. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    LOL, I do plan a bikini shoot with my new Trek soon! The beach is a wonderful place! Sometimes the bikini girls just pop into the shot!

    The girl in my pics is my wife Julie, and she is my fav model of course :):tt1:

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  8. robin bird

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    List where you are from !!
  9. wheelbender6

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    Your son has it made with surfing and motorbikes!
  10. Hawaii_Ed

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    Life is good in Hawaii :) Things are a little expensive here, and shipping on anything really stinks (if they will ship at all), but overall, it is heaven :)
  11. possenti

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    Done. I'm totally land-locked. :icon_cry: