The build went not without some problems.

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    Polini clone liquid cooled with an alluminum radiator. Clear hoses for the green coolant and a stock exhaust looked good.
    It ran fine somwhat. Things kept breaking. The chain masterlink once then we had to ground it real fast to stop it. Braking system has beem compromised. Need to pedal after it's running to get it going but gets to high rpm fast.
    It was a fun ride until the pull-start top plate and the spindle sheered off.

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    we would enjoy hearing more

    maybe pictures if you get a chance ?

    ride that thing Mountainman
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    I can get pics this weekend. Can't wait to show you what I created.
    Got new pull start and pinion. They were really nice at the store and retapped the clutch bell to 10mm. That's up from the 7mm that was just welded into place and centered only by the pully for the pump.
    They got a shipment coming in and they need help offloading trucks. :cool:
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    after it's first weekend

    Spent a day and a half mounting all of this stuff and it was a blast!
    I now have to drill out the middle of the clutchbell and weld in the pinion.
    This thing has enough torque to move me and I weigh about 220lbs.

    In Still 151 I mounted a Banshee clutchbell onto a Polini engine.
    This was done because the typical way for Polini is to mount the liquid pump off a sprocket allong the chain.
    I didn't have the part available and didn't like that way in this setup.
    Spacers were added to the bolts to line it up.

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