The link I use for 20% Harbor Freight Coupon...

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by Rgvkid, May 15, 2009.

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    slickdeals is awesome. The only problem is that I see too many great deals and I gotta have 'em all!
  3. Rgvkid

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    I just print out like 3 coupons and buy something, take it to the car, buy something else, take it to the car, and so on as long as there are more then 1 registers open.
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    I almost never buy something from HF without a coupon. Once I had 2 coupons for 20% off (different coupons though) and the cashier just rang them up on two different orders one right after the other.

    I have not tried using the same coupon more than one time on the same register visit though.

    I don't think they really care unless you brought 10 coupons and asked to have 10 seperate transactions!
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    Just picked up a 2.5 to start my build Finally. Took in my computer print out, 20% coupon, and purchased the 2 year return for a about $100. Not bad, i plan on taking it back within a couple years once i get about 1500 miles out of it and swapping for a new one. You can't beat love Harbor Freight.
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    coolness x4
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    Also.... I think I saw the 6.5hp motor they sell on sale there for only $119.00

    20% off that would frop it down to $96..... WOW!