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Tires Tires - Bicycle or other


Apr 4, 2008
The tires that came on my Whizzer are 24 x 2.125 Cheng Shin - they say on the side for "Electric Bike Use Only". I know they are a lot less gummy/soft than the tires on my cruiser bicycles.

I was wondering if there are specific tires that one should use or can the 24 x 2.125 or 24 x 3 cruiser bicycle tires be used. I know they would wear quicker - but maybe give a bit more traction - that and the availability of the "Electric Bike" tires like the Cheng Shins may not be as readily available.

And is there a speed difference rating? Seems like when I look up "motorbike tires", "motor bike tires", "moped tires" or even just "motorcycle tires" I am not coming up with tires in the 24" size at all. But I can find tons of bicycle cruiser tires in my size. And I was thinking that as long as I get a good quality thorn resistant tube and a heavy duty rim liner it would be ok - as long as the bead on the tire is strong and can stand the stresses.

Any thoughts?




Active Member
Mar 19, 2008
This is purely a question of dimensions. Can your rim accept a 3" wide tire? Can your frame accept a 3" wide tire? You prolly don't have hand brakes, but if you do... can your brakes accept a 3" wide tire.

If no to any of those, just stick with the 2.125" tire, or maybe slightly wider.

And yes, thorn resistant tires with good liner would do well on any bicycle.


Feb 26, 2008
My last electric weighed a ton, and had regular bicycle tires. Never had a problem. But it only did 17 mph, so, I guess you'll have to keep her under 17 or........... BOOM. :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Seriously, I would make sure the whizzer has a good heavy duty, and proper tire. It's a little more than just a motorized bike you got there. Not sure about a regular bike tire at speed. Play safe.


24 inch tires

When I replace my current tires I will be purchasing Schawalbe Big Apple tires.
They do carry a 24 x 2.35 version. here are the specs.
24 x 2.35 KevlarGuard Reflex, load 135 kg @ 36.95