Took about a month to work out all the little kinks but i think im done...

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by imjakethesnake, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. imjakethesnake

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    0109101640.jpg :devilish:
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  2. professor

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    Jake, do I really see a footpeg attached to the chain tensioner? You might want to think thrice about that.
  3. Pablo

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    Jake - I really like your rack side bags. Tell us more. Where did you get them?
  4. Nuttsy

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    1st rule of motorbikes...'re NEVER done!

    Looking good!
  5. arceeguy

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    Do you just drag the exhaust around when you drive?

    j/k - nice build!
  6. GearNut

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    Very good looking build! It appears that some Harley is missing a muffler!
  7. imjakethesnake

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    Thanks guys! and yeah thats a footpeg bolted to the tensioner, but i welded the tensioner to the steel frame so it wouldnt budge, and the footpeg is actually just there to protect the exhaust if the bike goes down (hoping that it wont). the saddle bags are actually hard leather handlebar bags made for motorcycles. ive been eyeballing them in the motorcycle section at the local walmart and finally decided to get them. they run about $25 a piece, but theyve already proved worth it because i dont have to carry 15lbs of tools on my back when i ride from deltona to orlando every week... and believe it or not the 2.5" exhaust doesnt touch the ground in turns or get it the way of the pedals (it was routed and mounted very carefully) haha. but you wouldnt believe how it sounds! (a very low toned dirtbike sound)
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  8. the only thing your missing is one of my friends(THE GOD OF MOTORCYCLE FABRICATION AND OCC CHOPPERS) His high RPM Ram Air intake system, and the sealed roller axle bearings he turns his hubs out and installs! 6202's.

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  9. imjakethesnake

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    man that is just cool! ive actually been trying to figure out an affordable way to do that because i believe it would help slightly silence the engine as well (and it just looks slick!) with that and the 2 inch exaust with the motorcycle baffle at the end (coated the wrapping in flat black silicone spray to cammoflauge/seal it because it "stood out" too much) my HT would have just a low toned whisper unless the throttle is wide open. and then it would be perfect to fly under the radar! haha

    thanks for the visual inspiration!
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  10. Where's the cup holder? :jester: