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  1. Does anybody know what size the gas lines and what tubing would work for these happy time motors? I have 2 and both gas lines hardened up like a rock and turned yellow. Almost every picture of these fine bikes looks like the same cheap line. I have used some tubing I have lying around ,but I'm not sure its gasohol resilient. One is the tubing from a tank sprayer and the other is some clear silicone. Its holding up so far ,but....
    What would you use to upgrade?

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    I'm not sure, but check with a small engine repair place
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    i went to the auto parts store and got 1 size smaller than 1/4 (not sure the exact size) real black fuel injection fuel line.
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    I don't know how large mine is, but I just took it to a local auto parts store and the guy there got me the correct size.
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    Any autoparts store will have fuel line it must be fuel line rubber will brake down and leak
  6. Rubber will not stand up to any fuel containing alcohol. The clear plastic tubing known as tyvek will harden and crack with gasoline. I believe silicone, neoprene, butylene, or other synthetic rubber materials will be fine.
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    Sorta not true. Any rubber fuel line you are gonna buy at an auto parts store is designed to work with E10 gas, which is what virtually ever gas station carries. I've been using E85 with the black fuel line I got from a local auto parts store, and it still hasn't broken down.
  10. Sorta true. Any modern "rubber" fuel line you buy from an auto parts store will be a synthetic rubber, like vinyl, neoprene, butylene, etc. as I stated above. Natural rubber hasn't been used for, or legally sold as, fuel line in years. Rubber, natural rubber from latex, deteriorates in contact with alcohol.
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    They must have pure gas in China then? Then again, it's probably more likely that the stock fuel line is just plain sheety.
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    Gas Line

    YEAH, Thats the word, SHEETY. :poop:
    Big Red.