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    Hey. I wanted to know if there is any noticable benifit from a velosity ram. Can they be any length or should they be a tuned length? I made one for my 66cc engine. I just made it look how i wanted it. Its a 25 degree slope and a 9/16 hole. It got a bit dented when it flew outta the lathe. I havnt started it up with it on yet.

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    its meant to be a...a...a... um... not parabolic... erm... um. the name escapes me... logarithmic!

    logarithmic curve for the "bell", not simply a straight taper turn.

    if the match up to the carb intake isnt spot on, theres no point in attaching it...every little mismatch creates turbulence, which is what its meant to REDUCE. this goes for port matching etc.

    otherwise, no, theres no real art to the velocity stack.they do work, but you wont notice it on these pipsqueak engines. get into 40+hp land and you do ;)

    what is important and of much more benefit is to tune the intake manifold. and you kept the stock manifold... sorta ruins the whole idea, using one of them...

    nice machining. lathes are fun :) every kid should have a lathe, at least at the end you get a tangible item rather than some "medal of honor" thats mere pixels on a screen like you get with puter games...

    so what if theyre dangerous? thats the whole point! be aware! be prepared! and setup is critical ;)
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    Yea im gettin ya, i did want to try metal spinning a tube and flaring it. but i knew it prob wouldnt make to much difference on my engine. I am making a reed valve intake for it so itll make use of the whole port size. Im hoping it doesnt add to much space to the case meaning id have to stuff the internal case. Itll only be steel to start an ill make a aluminum one if it works alright.
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    I'm trying an old-school approach, I've constructed a forward facing scoop,I hope to test it today. You did a nice job with the lathe, I'm really interested to see how it works out for you. IMG_20160227_140608.jpg
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    I'd love to have a scoop like that but I don't even have the clearance for a filter
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    Yea that scoop is awsome! I was going to do that with a panel filter from a motorbike but i dont really have anywhere to support to. I dont trust hanging all that of two 6mm bolts, i put a reed case i made on there now so i think im pushing it already!

    Also does your fuel line have a tee piece in it leading somewere else?

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    Yes the fuel line does have a t in it, it runs to a tank I built onto the rear. If I were you I'd just support it from the frame above it. I feel mine gains support from the seat tube behind it. IMG_20160321_103757.jpg
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    Thats a cool setup! But i use my engine for something a bit different then most of you guys! The ony way to do it on mine would be to run a support across from my seat. I still will try it once i make it. Prob make it out of aluminum to keep weight to a minimum. This picture is before the exhaust an carb add ons 20151222_100200.jpg