Week end sale Whizzer parts

Quenton Guenther

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5:47 AM
Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
I have 4 used NE camshafts for sale, but will only be offered as part of a kit. Each kit includes a "used" NE camshaft and a new set of "mushroom" lifters. The camshaft is "degree correct" and is welded to the gear. Each camshaft comes with the actual lift and duration plotted [by me] on a degree wheel chart. I don't weld, so I had to pay a welder to weld each unit. The "mushroom" lifters are a balanced set, and checked to be +/-.001" level.
I plan to increase my prices on Monday, so if ordered over the week end it is possible to save over $25.00, and because it is "used" deduct another $15.00. This is the perfect kit to use when upgrading a WC-1 motor with the NE cylinder upgrade kit. PM me for actual price, and don't forget it is "used", not new, but "used".
This kit is not for the NE motor. Contact me if you only need the lifters.

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