West Coast Whizzers (club)



Hi Whizzerinos! Well some of the guys out here on the Gold Coast have decided to band together and form a club.

Dues will be cheap, and full disclosure of finantial matters will be the order of the day. We are banging around the idea of 3 rides a year, tho 2 are settled upon at this time. We think that Spring and Fall are the times to plan on, tho some thought is being given to the idea of a Mid-Summer Ride, if we can figure out a cool enuf place.

We are open to Vintage and Modern Whizzers, and any other Motorized bikes that can stand the pace.

We will do a newsletter, and some free advertising, and it will prove to be a great way to meet other Whizzer owners.

One thing I was thinking is that it would be a great thing to have an idea where everyone is located, and who would find themselves interested in a Camp-out Whizzer meet in North CA. (Sometimes for sure in the Delta).

Tell us here what you-all think about this, and I will start another thread about where you-all are located.

Mike, I think it's a great idea! This last delta whizz-in was by far the best of the 3 that I have been on. The location, people, and weather all were huge factors in that.

Might I also suggest a couple of things:
- A web presence (i.e. website), but NO FORUMS (forums are a nightmare to administrate)
- Club and Event T-shirts, and this could easily be done through sites like cafepress.com or zazzle.com (or something similar).

As a Californian, a whizzer fan, and a geek, I am willing to give my help wherever possible.

P.S. I am a web developer, and digital media guru by day, so that's kind of what I am hinting at.
West Coast Whizzers Update

Hi all, I had a good chat with John yesterday (you may remember him as the Chef for breakfast). He brought me some needed parts for the H motor he sold me, I was sure glad to see alll those little vintage parts!

He and Ted have some very solid ideas as to how to run the new Whizzer organization including full disclosure of finantial matters. I agree completely, as this will nip any questions about fiscal responsability in the bud!

We are mulling over a date foe the Spring Ride, and will need to gather the basic info on the members who are interested, and also to find out if there are any conflicts that would affect attendance.

We want to re-instate the sat eve BBQ, and I think the Poker Run Wheel of fortune is a good idea. We also would like to somehow include "Rooms" at the campsite, so non-campers may be able to participate more easily at the event site.

I really liked the Delta, and so did many others, but I would like to hear from you-all.

We really want this organization to be what the people want, not what any one of us may want, and we do need your input at that level.

I will start a seperate thread for Location of riders, and some other stuff, as I would like this thread to be really about the new club, and what it needs to be.

Sk8ter Punk, good to see you here, you will enjoy the event in spring, and I'm sure Whiz-kid can let you know some of what you missed those days.