What engine should I buy? Ebay, etc?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Stratocaster, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Stratocaster

    Stratocaster Guest

    Hey guys,

    I've gone through pages of past posts here on the site, and I'm no closer to finding an answer.

    I want to buy an engine kit to install on my Schwinn. I just don't know what kind!

    I want power and reliability at a good price. I see some for sale on eBay - but what make are they? How do I know what to get? Also, their shipping fees are outrageous. Would I be better off ordering direct from a manufacturer?

    Help me out, boys. I want to get out there. Oh, and - I'm in Canada. Is there any problems shipping an engine over the border?

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Patch

    Patch Guest

    Well...I get my first engine tomarrow and I researched the **** out of these things. Here's what I've compiled.

    Kings motors stink- some of you may get them to work But I've heard way to many negative posts on these engines-----Also the head casting on these just look poor. They will get you on the road...back to you garage to fix bearings and stuff.

    Grubee engines are very high quality but quite pricey. They supposedly last longer than Dax's. They will you you on the road for a long long time

    Which leaves Dax's engines. Dax is not the maker of the engine (the veterans on here might get angry) it's actually Howell or sumthing. Thatsdax engines are high quality and they are considerably cheaper in price. They will get you on the road and rolling for a while.

    ^^^This has a poll of engines--as you can see dax is most popular

    So over all, Grubee is high quality Dax is good quality and cheaper Kings---- :sad: not so hot

    here are some site that sell them
    http://www.thatsdax.com/ <<<his ebay is Dacscomm
    http://kingsmotorbikes.com/ <<<i recommend NOT to buy this brand

    there long post but all you need :grin:

    And thanks to all the guys that helped me get my engine :grin:
  3. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    My first engine was a kings motor and I still have it on a mountain bike. I do not understand why people bash king's engines? Mine has been fine and trouble free. Only issue now is clutch is starting to show some wear and that is an easy fix.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's dax baby!!!!

    Good price, fair shipping. Buy one off eBay and save a bunch, or if you don't have the patients, just order one.
  5. Patch

    Patch Guest

    rcjunkie--I wasn't really trying to bash it because I haven't tried one myself...I just have read many posts of guys with busted bearings and jammed clutches and just little things that stop the fun for a while.

    It's no fun waiting a week for a couple of good bearings----how ever if you replace all the broken parts with new HIGH QUALITY...you could have a killer engine on it

    Im sorry if I sounded cross toward Kings :???:
  6. Stratocaster

    Stratocaster Guest


    If I got a Dax engine, is it cheaper through eBay, or another source?

    Also, I didn't see any brand names listed on eBay - how do I tell Dax made them?

    I'm surprised about all these brands, because all the kits look the same.

    I just don't know what to think. On eBay, I read descriptions of the kits, and some guys say, "oh, we have heavy duty petcocks and clutch, etc., not like the other guys" and I don't know who the other guys are...
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    you may not realize it, but you're discussing sellers here and not makers...a seller chooses his source, one of many in china, then he sells 'em to us. so, choice of supply plus attitude on customer service is how most of these "which engine" topics boil down.

    i only own one engine, a 70cc from dax. i'm way more than very satisfied with everything i know about the guys, and i think they've chosen a great kit to sell.

    that said, i cannot say they're the best, or that someone else isn't...how could i possibly know 'til i've owned the product?

    you said you've read around the board...well, go 'round one more time, just to be sure, before you make your choice.

    keep us posted 8)
  8. Stratocaster

    Stratocaster Guest


    So I want Dax, then.

    Is it cheaper through eBay or another way?

    Do the Dax kits have better components than others?
  9. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    Dax is a good engine and their customer service is top notch!
  10. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I have bought three from dax...all on ebay
    180, 149, 130 all +25 shipping
    the money you save can be spent on spare parts
  11. spunout

    spunout Member

    which engine?

    i have two kingsmotors 80cc, 48cc, and a other brand 80cc. my kingsmotors have performed flawlessly for over a year :) , and they're ridden daily. Hard, too. the other brand 80cc hasnt made it down the street yet. :x
  12. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    dude it all in how you are going to use it , if your going to bash on the motor ,not follow all the break in stuff, then it going to get you trouble, if you take care of it it will do you fine......

    now dax is good for a in-frame mount motor they will stand behind the motor and his prices are just right

    kings is hard to get someone but they will do you right and his prices are moderate

    live fast motors has good customer service but they are the most$$$ out of pocket for in frame motor

    GEBE I haven't gotten my motors from them yet but they are a delight on the phone and willing to go the extra mile to help you out.....cant wait till i get my product from them

    Staton inc is the only ones that I know of that offer you a gear and chain drive but like GEBE, be prepaired to lift 600 + from your wallet and have the wife to want something out of it too

    so all in all it like the old rivales between Harbor freight & Craftsman

    you get what you pay for!!!!!
  13. Stratocaster

    Stratocaster Guest


    I'm a bit dubious of the parts included in any of the kits.

    Are there any recommended upgrades to the components that I should undertake for maximum reliability? Chain, clutch lever, wire, etc.?
  14. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    well lets start with what do you need it for ,
    how far are you going to ride in a day?
    are you in hill country or flat lands?
    yes this counts too how big are you ?
    what kind of bike is it going on?

    and the big one how much cash you got?

    sound like a car salesman :eek:
  15. spunout

    spunout Member

    what engine should i buy?

    A key to reliabilty lies not solely in parts, but it maintenance, as well. For me, one thing that really helps is stepping off the bike and tightening everything. EVERYTHING (that needs to be tightened). Every nut, bolt, spoke, chain, lever, etc.
    Spraying graphite into clutch/throttle cable housings will help 'em slide better, maybe less cable breakage, but I don't have any real data to back that up.
    Things seemed to rattle loose more often immediately after installing the motors than now, after the kits 'settled in' and got used to being there.
  16. Stratocaster

    Stratocaster Guest


    1.) I don't need it at all - it will be strictly a fun machine to be driven on back roads. I'd say, 80% paved, 20% gravel.

    2.) I don't envision taking distance jaunts on the bike. I might enjoy a nice fun ride, but I won't be going cross-country on it.

    3.) Some flat lands, some hills. There's a fair number of hills where I'd be using it.

    4.) 6'1", 210.

    5.) I'm planning to install the engine in a vintage-styled frame, like an old Schwinn, or a modern replica found at Walmart.

    6.) Cash - I'm not going to spend thousands on this. I'm interested in doing it on a budget. I want a solid ride, but it doesn't have to be fancy, other than a few things I might splurge on, like the cool front forks everybody seems to go for, or a light kit or something.
  17. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    then I would try to find a seller on ebay from Canada frist that sells the motors ...if not try www.thatsdax.com and order the 70cc kit
  18. iscissor

    iscissor Guest

    skyhawkcanada(dot com) I can't post a link for some reason.

    This is where I bought my engine from. It lasted over a year riding it about 10 miles a day, it also has some better components than some other kits I've seen and its powdercoated black. A little more expensive than DAX but you might save on shipping.
  19. help me !!

    i want to transform my bike, with a pocket byke 49cc motor

    is good ? and the price ? or is better to buy a kit ??

    EUR 53,99
    Technische Daten

    - Motor: luftgekühlter Einzylinder-Zweitakter

    - Hubraum: 49 cc

    - 3,5 PS bei 8700 U/min

    - Zündung: manuelle Zündung per Seilzug

    - Kupplung: Fliekraft Kupplung

    - komplett mit Kuplung, Vergaser, plastik Seilzugstarter,Kupplungsglocke mit Ritzel,

    - Zündspuhle, Sportluftfilter,
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  20. Edward

    Edward Guest

    O.k. this might be another case of "99 Dead Baboons"
    European monetary units???
    Technical Data
    Motor- aircooled one cylinder-2 stroke
    Displacement-49 cc
    Something about air pressure and uranium
    just guessing maybe a muffler?an aircraft muffler
    Complete with a muffler, gas tank, pull starter made of plastic, muffler pistol with crackers
    Sunshine sport air filter

    Buy a mig-welder and some scrap metal for the mounting. Get the matching rear sprocket and the matching chain. It will make the process go a lot faster.