What kind of gas wont hurt my 70cc engine and works best?

What type of gas do you mix your oil with?

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The simplicity of the common two-stroke motor means it generally does not have a 'rocker-arm assembly' Hence, we cannot sing that old gas commercial about how 'detergent gasoline keeps things running smooth and clean'.

On a less-humorous note, it was mentioned on this topic that it was possible to add castor (Baker's AA) to a synthetic oil, i.e.

"From then on I run 1oz of castor blended with 4 oz of synthetic 2 stroke oil for each gallon."

While I have heard of that being done with model airplane engines, those run a mixture involving methanol (as a rule). How does this work with gasoline / Petrol - and if one does it, what brand of non-castor oil is used?

(Somehow, I doubt it's 'Cribari', as in "Cribari and Castor, Cribari and Sons.")



I love the smell of Castor oil in the morning, Smells like Victory. Back in the day that is all we had to run in our race bikes, I never had a failure from oil in any of my engines. But and there is a but, it would always foul the plug. If you look at the 60's engines you will find that the head has two plug holes. And do you know what we did with the extra hole? put a extra plug in the hole. This is how you do it on the fly, turn off the ignition, don,t forget or it will hurt, I know the engine is not running, but it is still sparking you just can't see, hear it. next pull the wire off the plug that is not running and place it on the new one. Turn the ignition on, all the time you still had it in gear engine turning over, as soon as the spark is back BOOM, hang on. I could do this so quick you would think I was just changing gears. Have fun, Dave
PS: Ascot Park on Sat night and the smell of the oil in the air, wow, I can hear the thunder. Take me back.


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Jun 15, 2008
Not to sure about this -- if a station was turned in for selling 87 octane as 89 I think that the fines and bad publicly would make it -- so not worth while.. JUST THOUGHTS FROM A RETIRED CIVIL SERVANT... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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May 14, 2009
i use ultimate and my little 50cc ht kit seems to do great, starts up good too, and theres defiantly a power increase using higher octane fuel, i just dont ride for a very long time because i know it will overheat faster, but its well worth it
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