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    I bought a used motorized bike from craigslist.

    Live in the Chicago area.

    I'll be using the bike for fun and for trips which I think will be better without my truck.

    I don't know much about them but I wil try and learn.

    Can I ask my question here?

    What's the proper way to start up the bike?

    I hold the clutch as I pedal then let go of the clutch and the motor starts kicking all crazy. Then I re-hold the clutch and the motor get smooth. I push the throttle forward let go of the clutch and off I go.

    Is there a way to avoid that first crazy kick part? Or is that part of the process.

    Sorry if I wasn't supposed to ask the question here.:sweatdrop:

    21 years old btw

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    -Double post-
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    Greetings.... Welcome to the board.

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