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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Everyone,

    Someone needs to go to the other site and let them know I am only offering Whizzer information on this website. The other site "banned" me and didn't bother to inform me of the reason. They are afraid to mention I am banned as it will cause most Whizzer owners to look on this site for help. Guess they think it is OK to be dishonest and play like I am just ignoring the requests for help.

    Help your friends and let them know where they can find help for their Whizzers.

    Have fun,

  2. Hi Quenton,
    I couldn't find you over there any more but I found you here. Their loss, my gain!
    Thanks, Jim
  3. chainmaker

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    Hey Quenton, I try to pass this info off to members looking for whizzer info on the other site, if I happen to catch the post.
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    It doesn't say banned under your name but you don't show up in the member list.
  5. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I can assure you, I am banned FOREVER. Never was told why, just that "I know the reason", which I don't have a clue. When it was suggested they be honest and change my status to Banned, they didn't want to hurt their membership.

    The real reson is a new moderator that disliked me. I was warned by another moderator that he was "after me" and was watching every word & comment I posted.

    Because they are dishonest, I am thrilled they no longer want my help. They are dishonest by making everyone believe I am ignoring thier requests for information & help, instead of changing my status to "Banned".

    I am sure after reading this post [he monitors this site], he will "man-up" and do the right thing.

    The good news is:
    I have more time to help EZ Motorbike increase production [we always have more orders than in stock inventory]
    Reduce the turn around time on Whizzer upgrades.
    I can spend more time on this site sharing information.

    Bad news is:
    Many on the other site won't have current factual information on Whizzers [such as; we are currently working with camshaft companies to make Hi-lift camshafts for both new edition and vintage Whizzers].
    The members on the other site won't know about the latest test results on the current WC-1 valve seat fix.
    The members on the other site won't know about our tests & research on a newly designed head for the New Edition Whizzers.
    And they won't know about the proto-type adjustable electronic ignition system.
    I also doubt they will know about the CDI with the electronic advance.
    ETC, ETC.

    Have fun,
  6. atcspaul

    atcspaul New Member

    you were banned for constantly spamming the site. you were asked to cool it and you ignored our request over and over again to tame it down now you are asking people here to promote your products on the other site. our rules are simple their and that is show everyone respect including mods and admin however with your ego you were unable to. you knew exactly why you were banned and felt you were above our rules. reason it does not say banned under your name is because we did not ban you to hurt your business and under your name saying ban would not have been a good thing. i know if a dealers name said banned i would not do buisness with them. i went in and manually changed it so your title did not say banned.
    admin and mods here i respect and admire all you do here. this is a great site with a wealth of information and i know as well as anyone how much work it is. keep up the great work. if you feel my response here was out of line please remove it.
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