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Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
I know many are looking for Whizzer motorbikes [most dealers are sold out]. I know of a dealer that has a couple in stock. Contact me for more infromation.

Whizzer OuterBanks LTD
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The NE5 is out of production. I know that there aren't any new NE5s in the pipeline. Whizzer needs to start up production again, that's all there is to it. With gas prices so high (okay, they have been coming down lately but how long will that last?) they should have gotten a second or third shift going to produce these bikes. Instead, they have a bunch of dealers who don't have any new bikes to sell. Someone at Whizzer needs to wake up!
There are no Whizzer dealers in my neck of the woods. The only one in PA is in the northeastern part of the state, three hours-plus away. There are none in Delaware, and only one in Maryland (Baltimore). They are looking for more dealers, but how can they expect to woo more dealers if they have no bikes to supply?
Everywhere I go with my NE5 people ask me where they can get one. Most people didn't realize Whizzers were being made anymore, and when I tell them that they are, the first question is about price, the second is "Where can I find one?" With high gas prices, this is a prime opportunity for Whizzer to capitalize on the demand.
My question to the people at Whizzer is this (and I know they read this forum): How could a company squander such an opportunity? The demand is there. Fill that demand, fer cryin' out loud!
Now, I'll step down off my soap box...
Well said, Jim.
The same thing happens to me. "Is that a Whizzer? I wanted one of those when I was a kid. Where did you get it??......."

I, too, can aim folks at a dealer or two who might have an NE-5 or an Ambassador in stock in Illinois or Indiana. Say the word and I'll provide a vector.

after Quenton fixed my whizzer i might want a extra one. How do i find out if any stores have one left for sale in Florida. I would only want a brand new one with pedals. And i want to thank Quenton for helping me get back on here and for working on my motrbike. The best thing he did was make the clutch work better. He made the Whizzer fun and didnt charge me much money.
Try the dealer in West Union Oh. (937) 544-2444 located in the south central part of the state. I got mine there a few weeks ago, at a great price, and he had one left.
Hi Everyone,
Bill Green and Mike simpson, both have a couple of NE5s in stock if on the west coast. Everyone must consider that the NE5 is no longer available [I was hoping Whizzer would produce more, but I don't think it is going to happen], and the replacement will not be the same . It is also important to remember if a model is a "short run" it becomes more valuable. The best of the NE5 is the 2008 model, and it has all the upgrades, but because it was discontinued in 2008 there will most likely be less of them produced than earlier models. For example the 2000 Sportsman [288 produced] is the most sought after model. Another valuable version is the early 2008 Ambassador with the 70 MM automatic clutch[less than 100 produced].
If anyone wants a part of history, seek out your local authorized Whizzer dearler and take home a new NE5 before they are all gone!

Whizzer OuterBanks LTD
A North Carolina Corporation
Glad Igot mine from bill when I did.


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Wow. this is the first I heard the sad news of the end of the NE5! Does anyone know what the replacement is going to be like? I sure hope this won't be the begining of the end for Whizzer. It seems to me it would be wise to introduce a new line of bikes & see how they sell & perform before killing the gold! Just a thought.