Who's used the nitrous kit?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by a/c man, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    A buddy of mine gave me a nitrous kit just like this one:
    Do any of you have one installed ?
    I don't want to crack a piston. I don't want to run it too lean either.
    I know somebody has experience with NOS on their bike engine.
    I have a 2 stroke and can't stop fooling with the darn thing.
    Please help before I do it anyway and grenade my engine
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  2. motorpsycho

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    i have thought about getting a nitrous kit for one of my bikes, but i just can't justify the pricetag on those kits. i've owned 3 cars with nitrous on them in the past, so i have messed with it before.
    there is a lot to know about nos and you will have to richen up your air-fuel ratio to make the nitrous more effective, and to keep from leaning it out when you use it.
    the problem that i can see is that to do it right, you would have to richen up the air-fuel ratio so much, that your engine might run terrible when you are not using the nitrous. the right way to do it (from my experience) is to have a secondary way to inject extra fuel into the cylinder only when you activate the nitrous. this is acheived in automotive nos systems by using a nitrous solenoid, and a gas solenoid. both solenoids have jets in them so you can tune the nitrous to extra fuel ratio and leave your carb jetting alone one you get the carb set right.
    the big issue with nitrous is that when you run it too lean you will melt the piston. Nitrous will always cause a lean condition when you use it, and that's why adding extra fuel is necessary.
    this is with big horsepower nitrous systems (like 250 h.p. set ups)..i'm not sure how much h.p. these little kits actually add.
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  3. gothicguy64

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    i had nitrous on a few motors in army .

    the 16g no2 handle bar kit only puts out 1/4 hp an shoots 4 or 5 shots at 5 secs a shot .
    so u will need a ceramic topped piston an a richer settin to run .

    :jester: syd
  4. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    I guess since nobody has been a good guinea pig for the NOS kit, I won't run the risk of damaging my engine.
    I really don't need the power, just thought it might be fun.
    My engine already will rev to the moon as it is.
    Thanks for the input anyway guys.
    I guess this thread is dead but my engine will live another day.
  5. goodtime65

    goodtime65 Member


    Iv'e been using my nos for only a few days now and i realy like it. Already used up 5 cartriges and I am going to have a look inside the engine today to see what everything looks like
  6. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    Hey Goodtime65,
    How's that NOS kit increase your power output?
    Is it a worthwhile add-on, or just a gimmick designed to make some vendor some extra $$$ ?
    I'd be interested in the knowing if you've got any damage to your piston
    or blackened up your top end. I'm already running mine pretty lean.
    Please report your findings after you take it apart.
    You've rekindled my interest but I guess I still have reservations about
    hurting my WTF bike. Right now it seems to be my only good friend.
  7. goodtime65

    goodtime65 Member


    So far I have used up 5 cylinders and everything looks pretty normal inside. The difference in top end speed is wild. just a couple short bursts and I leave everyone behind. I do run my engines rich also
  8. K-Ryder

    K-Ryder New Member

    I've seen a youtube video of a nitrous kit setup and a run, the kit seem stable, but unless in an open area without objects I wouldnt necessarily use it. Especially in the city where traffic is congested.
  9. yimmie

    yimmie Member

    new nos kit

    yeah i just got the nos kit. just want to know ideas for were to mount the trigger? and also i got a 100 psi guage i want to run in the line, any1 know what kind of line pressure this kit will produce? is 100 ps1 gauge enough. please help. thanks
  10. lemont1

    lemont1 Member

    I used one of those little nos kits on a 40 cc Moby goped and liked it so much I went to a 16 oz bottle and attached the trigger to the handle bars. I was thinking about a simmilar set up on a 66 cc MB and wonder if anyone has done a nos set up larger than the cheezy whippet style bottles.
  11. Malin

    Malin New Member

    Hi lemont1,
    I have heard that its not actually "nitrous oxide" from my buddy and that its just co2 cartriges ( and thats what im thinking too) because he buys co2 cartriges as refills and he says it works just the same. I think it pretty much works on the same principle as a turbo for a car in that it relies on forced induction and packing more air and fuel mixture into the engine by running more air passed the needle in your carburetor or what have you. Therefore it shouldn't damage the engine. You actually owning one of these, can you give me some more info on it?
  12. Malin

    Malin New Member

    Hi goodtime65,
    I have heard that its not actually "nitrous oxide" from my buddy and that its just co2 cartriges ( and thats what im thinking too) because he buys co2 cartriges as refills and he says it works just the same. I think it pretty much works on the same principle as a turbo for a car in that it relies on forced induction and packing more air and fuel mixture into the engine by running more air passed the needle in your carburetor or what have you. Therefore it shouldn't damage the engine. is this true based on your experience with it?
    Thanks so much!
  13. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    CO2 extinguishes fire. injecting co2 would kill the engine immediately.

    they're whippit cartridges.
  14. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    I am reading these comments about nitrous injection. Knowing a bit about chemistry, it would seem that the process of adding more O2 to the combustion chamber at high temperature would be very problematic.

    Seems to me that if you want higher top end speed, you'd really want to to maximize RPMs on a big gear. But you would first have to ensure that the connectors and bearing are top shelf products to handle the stresses.

    I am picturing a nitrous application driving a bike fast up big hills but running very very hot. Damn thing might explode!
  15. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member


    there are "soda bulbs" that ARE CO2, for carbonating beverages, in a soda siphon.

    try whipping cream with one and you get very odd tasting cream, as the CO2 produces carbonic acid... hence why cream whippers use nitrous oxide.

    i wont say "try inhaling" one because thats naughty!

    but fun ;)

    as butre says... co2 is non flammable. it doesnt "stuff more in the cylinder"... it simply displaces what would be entering the cylinder, replacing it with... stuff that does nothing at all!

    timbone...adding PURE O2 is problematic, which is why they dont do it! raising the oxygen alone by a few percent just increases the likelihood of detonation. the combustion process has to be slowed down, damped if you will, ever so slightly.

    nos takes a bit of energy to actually "crack" the molecule, to release the oxygen. then the nitrogen helps cool things down slightly. (not sure if the free nitrogen atoms do anything to produce power as they "combust" with each other to produce N2? possible, but merely conjecture)
    hydrogen peroxide also works just as well, if not better. and is street legal (here in au at least, because noone has written a law against it yet!).

    you cant just go spraying nos in the intake...you need to add extra fuel as well, otherwise you WILL melt pistons!

    it isnt the NOS that produces the extra power...its the extra fuel that does it...but extra fuel is useless unless the stoichometric ratio is still correct. so, we force extra air in, with a turbo/supercharger...or add some type of oxidising agent that ISNT pure oxygen...

    its a bit like the nitromethane in model engines...they run fine with methanol/oil mixtures with no nitro! but the tuning is touchy. adding nitro allows you to stuff more fuel into the cylinder and still burn it. adding extra fuel means the tuning isnt so sensitive. you make more power cus you burn more fuel on each cycle BUT... (this is why i run 0-5% nitro fuels most of the time) you get less run time per tank as it sucks it down faster!costs more, lasts for less time, and as i dont compete... why would i need that extra poofteenth of power?

    then theres compression ratios and all that sort of stuff... a turbo engine without the turbo is pathetic as the compression ratio is a lot lower, gets back to the detonation issue... stuff more in, raise compression that way, but at some point, theres too much compression and petrol starts behaving like diesel and self-ignites. gimme a direct drive supercharger any day, rather than turbo lag...

    last thought on NOS... you cant stop the engine immediately after using it. it produces nitric acid, which isnt really a nice thing to leave inside your engine...

    the cheapest source i have found is from the guys that supply things for hotels etc... helps if your buddy owns a takeaway and can order cases of the things without any questions being asked...
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  16. HeadSmess

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    grrrr....who reanimated the old thread? 2010?
  17. 45u

    45u Active Member

    The NOS systems they make for these bikes are not good for the motor. It does not inject extra fuel with the NOS like on most kits and this can hurt your motor by running too lean.
  18. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    If you do wet injection then it will help a little with running lean.
  19. 45u

    45u Active Member

    You need to do some reading about NOS as wet injection is the only way to go. You should all so run forged pistons. Know too many running it on the the drag strip and ALL run wet or you can fry a motor very easily!
  20. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I find NOS for a 2-stroke direct drive about as useless as a boost bottle.