Who's used the nitrous kit?

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    I always wanted to experiment with nos (on my bike) thought about tearing apart an old carb for the jet parts and such, a small container with extra oily gas with the jet in it, and then the nos flying past the jetting aperture (like a normal carb with air) will suck the gas/oil up with it, and deliver the whole payload into the engine, hard to say if it should be done after or before the carb...

    A few plumbing parts, air compressor nozzles, and a few laughs later and the system might work, even if it doesn't you'll have plenty of whippets left over with a nice valve actuated delivery system for... Things...
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  2. HeadSmess

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    things? like, erm...knocking yourself out?

    did i mention it also lowers your voice?

    and makes your ears ring... everything goes buzzy...

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    Very buzzy. Remember you're speeding up the Uh... Combustion process, yeah that thing... Buzzy
  4. Nitrous on a motorized bike would be fun. But dangerous. Nitrous imo should stay on cars or something to protect you.

    Because, nitrous isn't always going to be perfect. There will be a day where all goes wrong or you get a nitrous back fire. Which could end in it shooting the head into you, shooting the carb or intake into you and ending in a big firy explosion. There's a reason why big blower engines have straps over the blower. Kinda the same principle. If there's a back fire or hiccup the motor can and more than likely will blow the blower off the motor.

    I'm not saying don't use it just saying be careful. Please keep us posted if you do get this to work and what you did to keep it running well while being off the nitrous.

    Daddy Dave off street outlaws, would blow his nitrous motor up constantly. Not his fault but when you run 3 kits alls it takes is a split second and boom! Well that and it's a Chevy motor (;
  5. Frankenstein

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    I was thinking along the lines of those small 8 gram whippet cartridges, with a modified carb jet, and a cracker.

    Small and less explodey
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    One stage of Nitrous on a engine like these won't help much since they are so low output but if a guy was too hook up 3 or 4 that would be interesting:)

    I'd be glad to test drive that if you hook me up a set:p
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    Excuse me I belive I'm the official test drive the dangerous explode bang helmet bike ride. Doc says it's mild brain damage not big brain damage turtle.
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    In all seriousness, I'd be more worried about the rest of the bike and not the engine breaking or exploding, it's bad enough most of us are operating bicycles beyond the speed and weight tolerances they are meant for, let alone adding the extra vvvvrrrooooooooommmmmmmmmm of Nitrous, worse case is you make the engine run rich while using nitrous which while it won't burn all the fuel it will still be burning more than it normally would. I'd think that it could ignite prematurely however, with all that oxygen and fuel being pressed into such a small place at once.

    Is it possible to force more air and fuel into the crankcase than it normally would take in on its own? If I could force it to eat gas and nitrous that would work great because then I could litteraly either blow myself up or just have a hell of a lot of fun going really damn fast.

    Reinforced crankcase seals might be good in this application
  9. Frankenstein

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    Ah ha I can, found a turbo charger for 60 bucks, meant for motorcycles but who cares, it will work with some mods to fit a 2 stroke, I think you could richen the fuel going into it, and then pump nitrous into its air filter, and then let her rip the test dumby a new one.
  10. Frankfort MB's

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    The nitrous kits actually lean out the engine....

    I wanted to put a electric turbo on a engine for a bike, they don't put out enough air for a car but I'm sure they could put enough air in these engines to see somewhat of a difference.....
    Besides they say they can give up too 40hp. I would be happy with about a 1-2hp increase is that too much to ask for;)
  11. Frankenstein

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    That's why I was talking about modding a carb, if it had fuel in it and was over rich then the passing nitrous would do what air does and suck the gas up with it, therefor creating a super fuel and oxygen rich environment to make up for the standard carbs jetting
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    Use another boost bottle as the pressure tank with the gauge install a inline fuel valve to the air filter (never inject these kits straight into the intake) adjust the valve so only the slightest bit of air can pass through. Try and pressurize the tank with one 20cc cartridge. Adjust the valve so it holds pressure in the tank but still slightly leak. I would only recommend 25-30psi for a safe range. This system will improve the usage of the nos, give a consistent flow and a idea of exactly how much is being injected.
  13. KCvale

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    That works for 4-stroke engines, they have valves and separate intake/exhaust strokes so you can force feed the combustion chamber.
    2-stokers don't, they do intake and exhaust at the same time so all you will be doing is throwing away fuel out the tailpipe.


    An expansion chamber exhaust works like a reverse turbo charger, it pushes all that wasted green air/fuel back into the cylinder just before it fires.

    And Frankenstein...
    Do you have some pics of your build?
    You seem to give a lot of advice.
  14. Frankenstein

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    Full shot, cylinder on stool soon to be ported, decked, and new helicoil threads to avoid headaches. Note my freshly punctured rear wheel.

    Closer view, black sh*t is from a recent gas leak dissolving grease and chain lube onto my everything. Cleanup after the cylinder work. The seat is made from plywood, old bike seat parts, chair foam, black leather purse wife won't miss, and staples, also voted most comfortable seat amongst my fellow riders.

    Closer view of the engine compartment, you know what you're looking at, sorry for the slight blur.

    Rear wheel with nuvinci hub, laced the wheel by hand on the bus since that's the only time I had free time. Those heavy gauge spokes are a bitch on the last few...

    Sideways view of my muffler and expansion chamber, exhaust wrap gets nicked now and then, I'll fix it later.

    Rear and head lights and turn signals in operation, note how visible even in the daylight. That funky Grey ammo box is the housing for my electrical system (battery, turn signal relay, power buck/booster) controls on the handlebars under helmet.

    Shoddy picture of the muffler, tube that redirects exhaust through baffles removed, and 3 holes drilled to lower resistance to exiting gasses.

    Any more questions?
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    mmmm, turbo... for four strokes :) or diesel twostrokes, i guess... someone always has to bring that argument up :)

    the electric plastic ebay POS dont work. and definitely wont work on (conventional) two smokes.

    these might...but not on a twostroke... or anything smaller than 125cc, at least...


    i just bought one for my honda C50. with a lifan 140, of course ;) an AU$300 gamble...

    i wonder why noone has ever tried to combine sleeve valves with a standard two stroke ? it only adds one (or maybe two) extra moving parts...

    actually, i better google that because i am sure, over the last hundred years...someone HAS!

    yep. rolls royce, who else?

    interesting...here we have a way to close the intake/transfers AFTER the exhaust ports...allowing BOOOOOOOST!

    back on the NOS side of things, easiest way is to use a mikuni with the "plunger" type chokes. they automatically add more fuel (and air which is why any engine with a mikuni plunger choke revs its head off when warming up on the choke...) just feed the NOS into the chokes air bypass inlet hole thingy... and either start drilling out the choke jet(? its not really a jet) for more fuel or adjust nos to air ratio...


    i think its the top hole... :) varies between models.

    side note, i found out about these recently...


    a mikuni DOWNDRAFT carb :) be just about the right size for these lil twosmokers... and allows for a far more direct route into the intake port than the standard NT carbs. with the right manifold of course ;)
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    I think nitrous works good for a power boost and will not be dangerous to the engine unless you use it for an extended period, like for a whole drag race, at least 10 seconds. It takes time for the heat to transfer from the piston top to the piston walls. When the walls are too hot they melt onto the cylinder, seizing the engine.
  17. Frankenstein

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    Does anyone read anymore? I will mention again the turbo charger would be used to pump gas and nitrous oxide into the engine, the point was to force more fuel into the motor with the nitrous because of course you need more fuel to work with the oxide to make a closer to normal ratio.

    It's probably a pipe dream but it's been done before. The other idea was using the pressure of a nitrous canister to behave as the airflow flow that creates the venturi vacuum that sucks the fuel from a modified carb..

    I know that using a mini turbocharger I can feed it to an overly rich carb and that stream of fuel and air can have nitrous blown into it, and all that gets to the engine probably through the main carb, the result is a crankcase filled at least at normal but hopefully higher pressures with a ton of fuel and nitrous oxide, which is promptly fed to the cylinder and burned.
  18. jaguar

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    but turbos aren't used to just pump liquid (gas) in, they pump fuel/air mixture.
    what you are leaning towards is fuel injection to put in more gasoline when the nitrous is coming in.
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    Pocket bike nos kit housing spray jet fits on your stock carby plenty of guys run them cost a bit looks nice check you tube
  20. skyash

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    Fuel injection get a tire pump and pump up your gas tank .