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  1. Air Free

    Air Free Guest

    Dear Forum Members,

    In an effort to help the cycling public, we would like to write a little bit about our business and us.

    There are four manufacturers of airless tires for bicycles.
    Kik Tire

    Kik tire went out of business and sold their molds to Amerityre who now produces many of the Kik tires.

    Greentyre lost their North American distributor and is embroiled in a lawsuit.

    Nu-Teck has had supply problems

    Amerityre has sold recreational grade tires for years and now produces the more robust and sturdier Kik brand tires in a very stout urethane formulation.

    We at Air Free have been caught in the middle of this ever-decreasing supply of airless tires for bicycles. Our customers who ordered tires have endured manufacturers closures, equipment malfunctions and repeated stock outs.

    Our business model is to show all airless tires possible, however the industry is weak and manufacturers are not keeping product on the shelves (in North America). Getting manufacturers to produce new designs of tires is next to impossible. Greentyre is the largest producer in the world and only the Blizzard tire is available here in the States. Two other companies who produce airless tires do not produce bicycle tires. (Spartech, Marathon)

    Amerityre keeps a good supply of tires but the Amerityre brand tires are recreational grade and may undergo a makeover this year (maybe) and the Kik brand tires do not fit many popular rims.

    Nu-Teck has the best performing tires but supply problems keep the company from growing.

    Inserts for tires tend to be squishy (NoMorFlats) or hard (American Airless, Spartech).

    In an effort to address negative posts about our company, we invite those who view this post to understand the predicament our suppliers have put us in by not providing tracking numbers or keeping tires on the shelves. We have always stated we were a drop ship business and that we represented the businesses on our website and that tracking numbers were not furnished in many cases.

    Additionally, other websites who sell airless tires, use the pictures from our website, (that we took) with out our permission adding confusion as to who really sells and makes the airless tires.

    We have worked hard to correct billing practices and order statuses and we no longer bill credit cards at the point of sale.


    Airless tires can be used for motored bikes under the following conditions.

    Only Nu-Teck tires customized to higher densities (takes up to 8 weeks) or the already super dense Kik brand tires are up to the task. Airless tires fit very wide rims on the 26 inch size and any width on the 700c size. The 26 x 1.5 Rainier Power Glider which fits an unusually wide rim is the best street tire and is practically indestructible. As tire experts, we can also recommend the Schwalbe Marathon Plus for those who prefer rubber tires.

    Airless tires won't work in all applications nor will they fit all rims. Care should be taken when selecting them. We read posts where one customer didn't like them and in the same thread, another swears by them. This almost always has to with density and fit. Unless the use is extreme, airless tires perform well but not if they don't fit right (#1 reason) or the density is too soft.

    At some point in the future, we may be able to get Amerityre to produce the Rainer tire in a new urethane which better resembles a rubber tire feel. Until then, the airless tires can be stiff but still acceptable.

    We hope this is of use to the reader and we plan on writing more detailed tire descriptions later this year.

    Thank you
    Air Free

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    welcome Air Free

    we wish you luck -- I am still with tubes -- but -- always open minded -- as we

    ride those motor bike THINGS
  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to you.

    At the moment it sounds to me as though the hassles involved with airless tires outweigh the hassle of occasionally changing a tube and inflating a tire.

    But maybe you'll be able to make me eat these words one day.
  4. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Where are you guys located? How big is your R&D?
  5. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I'll gladly use an airless tire when the bugs are worked out. The extra weight is a worthy trade-off to making roadside tire repairs. Cheers
  6. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    If this is the website,, I highly disagree! My credit card WAS billed immediately at the online sale, and after 1 month of not getting any reciept, tracking number, notice, notification, mail, email, etc, I went through with a paypal claim and got my money back. AFT's Better Business Rating sucks! for a good reason. Their website will allow you to schedule a phone call (at their convenience) if you want to complain or get your money back, but they NEVER CALL YOU.

    After nearly half a year, a pair of tires did show up in the mail. I guess paypal ate the loss in their credit card buyer protection program. I was totally surprised at first, but then chalked it up to ineptitude. I thought the company was wholly fraudulent and not even actually distributing tires!

    I ordered tires for standard MTB rims based on their sizing chart, but the ones I got (nutechs) will not fit, so I guess I'll try them on my motor bicycle (wide DH rims). Ok the website says heat the tires on a sunny spot and try soapy water, it may fit. I am waiting for them to heat now. This looks cool, but what a PITA.
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  7. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    These are the tires I have.
    Nuteck 26x2.0 Legacy Teton All Terrain

    I got one on there! (narrow 26" mtn bike rim). It looks pretty cool, but looks like a 1.5 tire more than a 2.0, and its not tall. It should do ok for my wife who is just going to ride it around the lake park a few times a year anyway. I'll probably ride it a bunch pulling the kid trailer.

    I used a few zip ties to keep it on one section of the rim (about 20% of rim) then walked it around and used a firm hand grip and the tire paddle to do the rest. Chuck Norris could probably do without the paddle, but he doesn't need a bike anyway.

    It pays to heat up your wheels and tires in the sun as much as you can stand it. Putting these on feels like putting a 24" tire on a 26" rim. Once it's on there it looks good though!

    The second one was easier to do. I used a half dozen zipties (sometimes they break), and lots of soapy water in a squirt bottle. I moved the paddle about 2 inches forward at a time, and it wasn't hard, just slow. I am about to give them a test ride. Hooray. I am still excited about the technology. I don't know if I'd put these on my MB for 30mph after seeing them, but they look good for a casual bike.

    Note to AirFree tires co: I went out of my way to buy an American product for the tires, because I liked the design, and it was a gift item. I wouldn't have minded waiting 2 months for the tires, if I hadn't felt my (large amount for tires) money had been stolen. Perhaps you should quit taking online orders without a phone call consultation and explanation that the tires take 2 months for ALL models, and lower your shipping prices, and sell only the tires you have! If you have so much trouble getting the tires, you should do some better marketing and get the mfgr to step up to the plate.
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  8. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    Why would I purchase Amerityre tires from you when I can order them direct from Amerityre? What makes you such a great reseller?
  9. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Air Free was last active on 1-5-09. Sorry but any questions will probably not get an answer. Please start a thread in the tires forum.