Anyone try an oil additive before ?

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    Hi - was watching an infomercial where people were racing a car with no oil in it and doing other "no oil" experiments. Was wondering if anyone has tried using one of those oil additives before? got me thinking it may prolong the life of these engines... what do you folks know bout this kinda stuff.... does it hurt, help or what kind of mixing ratios....? Happy holidays from Oklahoma !

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    Those additives you speak of are probably made for 4 stroke engines. Who knows if they will mix properly with gas?
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    It looks like most of the higher end synthectic 2 cycle oil already have these additives in them. Try a Google search for mor info, Royal purple is one type that looks good.
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    I want some oil with that 2 stroke racing smell I've heard rock oil is the stuff
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    The best oil out there is the Amsoil products. They list all the specs on there site. I think it's better than the royal purple or Lucas oil products. They make 3 different 2 stroke formulations. They are all full synthetic and I never get any smoke even at 16:1 on break in. I also strip and reassemble my motors before running them and I use " break free" CLP, it's military gun oil, cleaner lubricant Protectent, as an assembly lube it's full of Teflon than coats and soaks into all the bearings and bushings. With the Teflon and good full syth oil and careful break in these little motors will last a long time. Good luck.
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    try castrol r 30 supercheap auto sell it at 30 odd bux a lt and its racing 2 stroke oil that smells

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    If you beleive that they actually ran an engine with no oil in it, i have some great tune up in a bottle that i'll sell you.
    I know that they say there is no oil in it, and they try to show that there is no oil in it, but really, come on. I will bet that the infomercial was shot in segments and then put together so that it looks like the engine is running for extended periods of time. I also wouldn't doubt that there was an external dry sump oil source hooked up. drag cars use dry sump oil setups which means that there is no oil in the oil pan. the oil is stored in a tank outside of the engine, and an external pump, pumps the oil through the engine. the oil then drains into the oil pan, and it is sucked back out to the external tank. if you were to pull the oil pan off of a real race car, there would be very little oil in it.
    an engine with no oil in it, with just an additive as protection, would heat up really fast and probably seize after a few minutes of running.
    I don't care how good they claim an additive to be, an engine will just not last without oil in it. sure, an engine will run with no oil in it, but not for very long.
    the heat from the friction would kill the bearings, rings, cam, lifters and rocker arms. the additive may provide lubrication, but without it being cycled through the engine, and back into the oil pan, there is no way that it can cool off.
    the heat would end up cooking the additive off of the parts.
    how many times have you heard of someone actually driving their car with absolutly 0 oil in it? besides that, cars these days have oil level sensors and if the oil gets below a certain level, it shuts the engine down.
    on an older engine, sure it will still run with 0 oil in it, but i personally have never seen or heard of anyone doing that. even if you pull a dipstick out of an engine and it reads that there is no oil in it, there will still be some oil in the pan and probably enough to be sucked up by the oil pump. however, that amount may not be enough to fully circulate through the entire engine. heat is the enemy of engines, and oils.
    I don't beleive in these things, and i think these things are targeted at those people who either are too lazy to check their engine oil, or, that don't know how. they figure that if they put this stuff in their engine, they won't have to worry about the oil level because "on t.v. the engine ran for a long time with no oil at all".
    I think it's all a scam myself, and i would never buy any of that stuff.
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    I agree with motopsycho on the no oil thing. I've see motors in cars, trucks, and bikes go bang and throw a piston rod right through the side of the engine block or out the hood. Heck I've seen dragster tranies blow and dent 1/2 inch plate shields from hot oil or no oil, that's why they require that transmission shield blast plate to race. I think NASCAR requires trans shields also. It's real fun to watch those supercharged tractor motors blow at tractor pulls I've seen one throw shrapnel 200 ft, and make a real nice boom too. Motors need oil and oil coolers are nice too even with Teflon heat is the killer beyond a certain point it all burns, melts, then goes bang. I've got some nice melted piston paper weights I've collected from racers tragedies.
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    thats it exactly

    Thats just what I was talking about, its the most entertaining thing about a tractor pull besides the farm girls. I figure one blast like that and the ticket price was worth it. I do soak everything in Tefon which does coat the parts and reduce the friction and on the AMsoil spec sheets they list quite a few properties of their oil like at what temp it will vapoize and burn. I noticed one person mentioned the smell of 2 stroke oil, in the old days it was made of castor bean oil (Castrol,duh) because that had a very high temp before it lost viscosity and burned that was the smell; but now even castrol is either part or full synthetic. The full synthetics have the highest tempurature resistance but most don't have any special smell. As I said, over the years I've tried them all and I think the AMSoil products are the best. You can get them from the internet or from independent dealers all over. they are slightly more expensive than most $4.50 for 8oz. but I really like it and as I said no smoke or smell even when mixed really rich like 16:1. I choose the SABER full synthetic but I still mix it at 16:1 for breakin and 20:1 for riding, amsoil says you can lean it down to 100:1 but I don't think so on these chinese motors the metal and bearings are not the greatest quality so I want plenty of lubrication.:D link;
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    Holy salmon, 20:1 full synthetic?! I can understand your concern, but jeez - seems a bit over the top there.

    I picked up some synthetic blend the other day, dunno what the percentages are yet (not listed on bottle), but this will be my first experience with synthetic in over 2.5 years of riding! I split a 6.5 oz bottle in half and dropped that to a gallon, so I should be at roughly 35/40:1. I'm hoping it turns out well, It's the weekend, so I'll have to go do some serious riding to dry my tank before I drop it in.
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    16:1 just for break in

    I run such a rich mix only for the first 2 tanks then I go to 20:1 at least once everything is humming along fine. My paperwork from Grubee with my first motor said 16:1 for break in then 25:1 after that but I worry about running to lean on these chez whiz type bearings and bushings. I don't think I would ever run one at 50:1 much less the 100:1 that AMSoil says you can run there product at. I think 20 or 25:1 is good for these little things. I'm not getting any smoke even at 16:1 and I'm not having any running issues or fouled up plugs. I run an NGK BP6 and my plug is nice with no gunk. I'm only at about 300 ft above see level here. Even with temps in the 40's my bike starts right up with a little choke flap and after 1 minute no need for that. So I don't know maybe i could sqeeze some more top end at wide open with a leaner mix but I think I'll stay at 25:1 as my leanest mix just to give the cheap bearings some lube especially if I'm not having any running issues.
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    stink mate cheers
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    I am running at 30.1 sparkplug looks good