BIKE dnt start very easily!

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  1. P3rC!_d@_g0o$e

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    Hi everyone i was wondering i have a 50cc skyhawk wich wont start veryeasily even down hills very well, abd when i engage the clutch it wont start automatically but i have to pedal as hard as i can for like 50 meters to get it started and then sometimes it will start ans stop and go again by its self when the clutch is on.

    Thanks guyz

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I dont' have much for you.

    Let's start with a wild guess; weak spark?

    I'll think about it and post again if anything comes to mind.

    But I'll bet you'll get some other answers first.

    Good luck.
  3. andrewdavis19

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    Are you using the craptastic stock Chinese plug? Get a NGK. Check to make sure you have a good connection where plug wire goes into CDI box and/or replace stock wire with a good automotive one.
  4. MotorMac

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    Are you putting the choke in the right position? try putting it 3/4 up then if it starts lower it down a bit, and a bit more as it warms up.
  5. P3rC!_d@_g0o$e

    P3rC!_d@_g0o$e New Member

    Thanks for the help guys i did everything, but i have found that the metal at the end of the spark plug was too far out, i put it closer and it starts instantly.
  6. Mountainman

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    ride that thing

    that's good
    you still may want to think about changing out the spark plug wire
    it's recommended to change by many with your type motor

    ride that thing