BMXXs BMX Dirt Bike

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  1. Bmxx

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    Hey all,

    First off, holy crap that vibrations bad haha what the hell! Thats going to be the first issue on the agenda.

    I have got the motor kit and the bmx, I have mounted it in the bmx and with the skillfull use of a hammer and a hacksaw i have managed to get it running without any issues. I will put pics up later when I have more time. It goes better and worse than I thought but I got the kit for 160nzd and the bike for 40nzd so i'm not complaining (the bmx was almost too good to modify, Full ABD setup, some kid had just taken to it with a fluro rattle can).

    I'll jump on when I can and update as I go :whistling:

  2. Leroybrown420

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    Cool, can't wait for the pics.
  3. jaguar

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    click on my signature link to read about correcting engine vibration