Bremen Flyer

:???: Here is another try at it.

Yes the pics are fuzzy, but you kinda get the idea. The motor is very quiet, with almost no vibration at all. I did graft a suspension front end from a mountain bike. It will have turn signals, Piaa lights, brake light' and of course a digital speedometer. The tires are Kevlar reinforced as well. Oh yeah, it also has a twist grip throttle and electric start.

Hope ya like it.

Looks like it's coming along well. I'm intriqued to see what it looks like finished too.
We may be able to get those pictures resized and displayed directly in this post if you want.
And for those of us who are too lazy to click the above links (click em if you want these pics 2x):


How'd you do that?

:D How did you do that? I've been up all evening trying to put those up.

Good job Thanks!

scrollerguy, that is a superb-looking ride :)

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That looks wild. Riding it should be interesting since the engine almost completely outside of the centerline of the frame. I would think you would have to lean it to the left to stay upright and go straight. Great project keep us informed.
Ride Quality

Looking at the bike it is wide, and before I rode it I thought the same, but there is no difference,no leaning, or correcting. It's an absolute blast.

Oh, did I mention I weigh 226 and I can start in the middle of a hill with no problem.

I'm very glad you all like it so far.

i found this during some random word searching...scrollerguy, if you're still around i'd love to see what she's looking like nowadays 8)