Bremen Flyer

:???: Here is another try at it.

Yes the pics are fuzzy, but you kinda get the idea. The motor is very quiet, with almost no vibration at all. I did graft a suspension front end from a mountain bike. It will have turn signals, Piaa lights, brake light' and of course a digital speedometer. The tires are Kevlar reinforced as well. Oh yeah, it also has a twist grip throttle and electric start.

Hope ya like it.

Looks odd but so do I. :)

The Harley XR 1000 of the early '80s had the engine off-set to the left by about 2" inorder for the drive chain to align. It felt odd at rest but the imbalance faded away at 5mph.
What engine have you got on there.

Looks like atleast a 3hp 4 stroke.

Plenty of grunt I suppose... :devilish: