bumble bee GT LTS 4000 21 speed

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  1. bumb31.jpg
    bumbe2.jpg A GT LTS 4000, chromemoly steel frame, 21 speeds need I say more?
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  2. pics won't upload will try later
  3. Had to resize pics post as they get resized

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  5. The paint ts how she got her name. Not trying to step on the other bumble bees out there.
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    Very kool bike.
    Love the color, maybe make the head black?

    Can you really use 21 gears or is that just too much gear changing?
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    Don't worry about it, you're not stepping on anything. This is your thread or so it was supposed to be until the spam showed up.
  8. Yes all 21 speeds are gas driven. the GTs have 24 30 36 in front. Very good for climbing hills in lower ranges. The rear gears are what came with the bike. I like to think of it as high med low ranges. Low, up hills. Med, level dirt roads. High ,pavement ,down hills.
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    I was just teasing that is a nice kit..good job on the paint you do that your self?
  10. The bike was yellow and black. GT made the 4000 lts in two colors the other variation is Green and purple. I managed to get my hands on one of each. My friend DW built both bikes for me. My real job has not left me much time to build. So I have been farming out a few.