Centrifugal clutch problem, Help!


Mar 3, 2017
I am hoping some of these other guys will pipe in on this. I use the 4g. It has bearings so this problem doesn't happen.

All the attempts I have made on other peoples bikes to solve this problem have been short lived so my experience is lacking at best. I would take some very fine emery cloth to clean up any gouges and lightly coat it with a lube that has high heat resistance, and may be a teflon additive in it.
As to the soaking, that is something I read somewhere. It could have applied to a different type bushing.
I know, not much help there. Still your on the right track so first You should give this thread a little time so some of the others here with a more educated experience of this prob. can help you further. Best of luck.
it often is the needle bearing in the clutch fail to engage ... easier to get another off ebay...

Old Bob

Dec 28, 2008
"Glad I could help with the Oilite bushing oiling, I never thought of the ideal temperature for soaking but it didn't matter for me, I just have to set the bushing in a tin cup with some oil out in the sun at lunch time, and by dinner time it has soaked in all it's going too ;-}"

I do chains the same way. Except chains I use 90wt gear lube.The top of the black dumpster cover gets up to 130-135 F, the gear lube gets right in.
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