different fuel and mixture

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Lonewolf, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I have about 300 miles on MB but it didn't run as good as I thought it should. I adjusted needle positions and what not. It ran smooth just seemed sluggish. No way to control the air flow! I mixed up some 93 octane with 25:1 synthetic and now it runs like I hoped it would. No faster, just better acceleration and idling.

  2. pdxrhett

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    What kind of motor? Is it a high compression? That would explain the need for higher octane.

    That's very interesting because most chinese motors are built for ~87 octane, or just regular old gas that you would put in a weedeater.

    I tried premium in my motor and it ran like a champ but it was extremely hard to start (pull start only). So now I only use regular and it still runs almost as good (I lose about 500 rpm), but I'm on a shifter so its all good :p
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    makes one wonder

    makes one wonder
    if that's what they call for from the factory
    why do we always wish for more ??

    notice I say (((we))) that includes me
    I have done the same THING -- more than once !!

    have fun as you ride that MB thing