Do *not* buy from boygofast

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by MoonHog, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. MoonHog

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    I just received a 50 cc engine kit from boygofast.

    The carburetor they sent is some piece of sh*t, with some little tin air filter that rattles (like I need more rattling on the bike), instead of the black plastic air box they showed online. The casting for the engine was horrible, and some of the air vents were bent. The sprocket they sent wasn't the one pictured either. It was completely flat, black, and all scratched up on top of, and under the paint. The hardware was all thrown into a bag and incomplete, missing nuts for the sprocket.

    I've bought 5 kits now from various vendors and have been happy with all of them. This is the first, and last I will buy from boygofast.

    I sent them an e-mail:

    "Hello, I received the engine kit in the mail a day or two ago, and finally got around to opening it. I have to say I am very dissapointed. I have bought several of these kits now, and this one is terrible. The rear sprocket you sent is not the standard sprocket I have received with *every* other kit, and is not the one pictured online. It is completely flat, and scratched up (under the paint). This will cause the chain to be out further than it should be and misaligned. The carburetor you sent is *not* the one I have received with every other kit, and is not the one pictured online. It is a piece of junk, with a cheap tin filter attached to it, instead of the black plastic cover. All of the small parts were thrown into a bag, and I'm missing the lock nuts for the rear sprocket that comes with *every* other kit. The casting on the engine is horrible, and some of the heat vents are bent. I'm not sure if you took all of the junk parts out of all of your other kits and sent it to me, but I sincerely hope this was an unusual occurance, and that you will make this right. I'm assuming that you get these, and just ship them out without looking in the box. I'm an active member on, and I really don't want to give a bad review if this was an accident.

    Please let me know how I need to proceed.


    This was their response:

    "thank u email us.
    some parts may not pefect. if u think u don't like the flat sprocket. please return to get the replacment.

    reply if u has any question. thanks

    by the way, we are not care people talk to us in (motored)

    we can not satisfy every one



    Needless to say, I filed a dispute with Paypal, and they *will* be giving me my money back, and be getting this kit shipped back to them, where they can gently hammer it where the sun don't shine, and since they don't care about bad is one. I'll post pictures soon so everyone can see their handiwork.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Good Lord! Is their "customer service" located in Phnom Phen or someplace like that?

    I thought boygofast had a decent reputation.
  3. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Have you ever gone over thier maany many many negative feedbacks?

    They have no customer service at all!

    keep in mind..... "buyer beware"
  4. MoonHog

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    Unfortunately for them, they sold to someone who doesn't sleep until I feel the wrong has been righted. They may be from China, but they are about to get a lesson in good old American justice. :shock:
  5. Mountainman

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    put the bad word out on boygofast ???

    hey MoonHog

    question here ----- should we put the bad word out on boygofast ???

    well -- after reading their reply back to you

    there can only be ONE ANSWER AND THAT IS YES !!!

    that reply was SO OFF THE WALL -- they deserve NOTHING GOOD !!!

    we got something boyfast can ride !!!

    ps -- I went looking for their e-mail address -- but -- couldn't find it
    Mountainman would like to get in touch with boygofast
    and smash a few rocks !!!
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  6. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    A guy at work bought two from boygofast....they appear to be the worst of the worst.
  7. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member


    yes -- glad that the old PayPal will be making this right for you

    I have also found out that credit card companies
    will at most times -- stand with customer wronged


    maybe you could send me boygofast e-mail address through private message ?

    ride that thing
  8. MoonHog

    MoonHog Member

    Their e-mail is for anyone that wants to write a love letter, or *ask* before you buy anything from "Are the parts shown in the picture, the parts I'm going to get if I buy the item?", or "If you send me junk, will you try to confuse me with nonsensical e-mails in hopes that I will get frustrated and stop asking for the parts I paid for, or my money back?"

    You can't hide behind e-mails boygofast.
    Do the right thing for your customers, or soon you will have none.
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    well - I found boyfast e-mail address - thanks to someone here on site
    sent them (twice) the following message

    I read about your customer service on

    And your customer service stinks
    we just want you to know
    the word is out regarding you guys
    yes - your reply e-mail to done wrong customer
    reads like poo poo
    poo poo to you too

    from -- Mountainman -- just another MB rider
  10. MoonHog

    MoonHog Member

    On another note, I *just* got my other 50cc package from Powerkingshop, and it is awesome. Nice chrome sprocket as advertised, nice carburetor, nice engine, and not a single loose part in the box. They actually took the time to put every nut on every bolt it belonged on, even the rear sprocket rubber and half moon pieces.

    I think I found my supplier...

    I'll post pictures so you can see what a *good* engine kit looks like, and what a *bad* engine kit looks like.
  11. MoonHog

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  12. arceeguy

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    I've gotten many kits with bent cooling fins, and bent studs. I have just accepted it as "the norm" with them, as I can't really trace where the damage happens. I replace the foam in the chrome air cleaner with one for a weed trimmer. (Home Depot) This will stop the cover from rattling. The original foam is thin and probably does a poor job of filtering anyway. The advantage of the BGF kits is the roller bearing chain tensioner. All the kits I got from PKS had a non-bearing tensioner - but the engines were painted silver and they had the familiar black plastic filter cover.

    Just a suggestion - If you want to get a positive reaction from a vendor, it is probably best not to call their parts "junk" and then threaten to give a "bad review" on a some rinky dink web forum. This is a sure way NOT to get what you want! ;)
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    and ride that thing

    question -- where's gofastboy located anyway
    there english is worse than mine

    anyway -- taken into account the Just a suggestion from arceeguy
    you may have a point -- but -- not to sure
    gofastboy's reply seemed to make their point well known
    they don't give a dang dong

    and as far as this Mountainman feels about it -- they can take the dang dong

    and ride that thing
  14. Flapdoodle

    Flapdoodle Member

    He is in Monte, California, or at least that is where mine was shipped from.

    Mine came with a hole in the gas tank where the outlet tube is brazed to the tank. Only took a few minutes to clean and solder it, but I mentioned it to BGF and he replied something in Chinglish about the red washer under the fuel pet cock (which leaks). I have an inline needle valve to counter that.
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  15. MoonHog

    MoonHog Member

    I don't play around when I get sent things like this. I'm not going to blow sunshine up their arses. I told them what was wrong, explained the penalty for an unsatisfactory resolution, and gave them an out by stating that it was possible that they didn't know they sent me some total shiznit.

    Their response let me know that they were indeed aware that they sent me a piece of shiznit, and they don't give a shiznit who knows about it.

    Well when they get their shiznit sent back to them, and they have to refund my money, and people looking for reviews about motorized bike engines see not to buy from them, and see the review I left on e-bay...was it really in their best interest to take the stance of 'The customer is always wrong'? I'm tired of paying my money for sub-standard shiznit, and having to come up with solutions to fix it myself while I bend over and take it with a smile. I want what was in the picture of what I purchased at least. I want my nice big fat juicy big mac...just like the picture shows. I know I'll never get that Big Mac, but I'm going to get my money back for this turd.
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  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I like all parts to be in working order when I --- ride

    well -- this guy sounds like a real -- winger dinger

    I sent him three e-mails today
    because Mountainman does not like to hear about
    so - called business ones such as this

    you can ask my wife or my MB --
    I like all the parts to be in working order when I

    ride that thing
  17. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    I bought another BGF kit. FOr what I paid for it, I can live with one bent cooling fin. I got an entire kit for a little over 100 dollars and used a 10% ebay discount.
  18. MoonHog

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    Some people on this thread don't seem to get it. I paid the same price for *all* of my kits. $139.00 +Free Shipping.

    The ones from Zippy Bikes, YescomUSA, and especially PowerKing (my new favorite) are heads and shoulders above the kit from BGF. I had a problem with the fuel switch on one of my YecomUSA kits, and they immediately sent me out another one, and apologized for the inconvenience in broken english. If you've never bought another kit, then you really don't have anything to compare to. I however do, and I'm telling you they are charging you the same amount as the other vendors, for 1/2 the quality, horrible customer service, and they aren't even selling you what is pictured.

    I don't care about your english, I care about whether or not you are going to give me a square deal. The reason these companies keep getting away with poor service, and sub-standard parts is because people *don't* complain, and spread the word. Why would I want someone on this forum to buy from BGF, when they screwed me over, and have horrible customer service? They aren't the only players in the game.

    BTW: The chain tensioner could be made of gold. I replace it with a rubberized one from Tractor Supply anyways. I'm not impressed with the tensioner on *any* of these kits ...but at least it's across the board.
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  19. levsmith

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    wow good post. i have seen the kits from them on ebay and thought that i might get my next kit there, but after what you have said there is NO WAY that i am ordering from them. EVER. If you dont care about your customers, you shouldn't be selling products. period. did you post a negative review in the vendor reviews section? if not, you should. get the word out and maybe one day they wont have enough customers to stay in business. i dont like running people out of business but i think they deserve it. good luck with getting the money back.
  20. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Nobody told you to "blow sunshine their their arses", I was merely stating that you will more likely have a positive resolution if you didn't call the product junk, or threaten them. (your "penalty") You accuse them of a "customer is always wrong" attitude, yet you assume "the seller is always wrong". If you had sent a respectful email, and not gotten results, then maybe you would be justified. Like I said, I've gotten engines with bent fins and studs from many sources. It is agreed by most everyone here that the majority of the hardware should not be used. I don't see what the big surprise was for a $100 engine. BTW, I like the chrome air cleaner better than the plastic one after the foam has been replaced with something more substantial. Each vendors product has its merits. PKS engines have things that are better than BGF and vice versa.

    BTW - I never got a "Big Mac" sandwich that ever looked or tasted as good as the one pictured on the menu. Those frozen dinners sure look better on the box too. ;)